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Mismatching Frames Between Two Cameras

Vitor Galv

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Hey people! Hope you're all well 🙂

I'm editing a 18min video recorded with two cameras (different brands, mirrorless cameras). I syncronized both cameras through the first slate, at the beginning of the videos. After 18min there's a second slate at the end of the recording. The footages are mismatching the "clap" by 2 frames and I've never faced this problem before. There's some audio drifting too.

What can cause this? How can I avoid it and fix it?

The tech is simple, but here it goes:

  • A7s - 29,97fps 1080p XAVC-S 50Mbps;
  • X-T3 - 29,97fps 4k Long GOP 100Mbps;
  • Timeline - 29,97fps 1080p.

Thank you 😄 

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You have good mirrorless cameras.
However, no matter how good the camera is, mirrorless rarely loses its frames.
Which guy dropped 2 frames? Naturally, this is the camera where the video ends 2 frames first.

If I know exactly where the frame is dropped, I will create an edit point in it and fill one frame (or two frames) with the'morphing cut' feature.

For audio, unless there is a reason to use both audios, I think you should only use the audio track with no problems.

I hope that your problem will be resolved satisfactorily.


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