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  1. Hello. If you are still selling workprinter, please contact me via email or cinematography.com message. ktl0001z@gmail.com
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience. As you said, I think the beam splitter viewfinder must have a fully functional closing device. And oh! I have an Elmo super 110R (it works, but half broken)too. But no viewfinder cap. Maybe I should find a suitable cap.
  3. Thank you very much. I fully agree with your comments. I was personally translating the Nizo 801 macro manual into Korean. I found that the English version of the Nizo 801 macro manuals on the Internet are incomplete version, so I was referring to both the English version and the German version of the manual. And translation and spelling mistakes were occasionally seen between the two manuals. That sentence mentioned above was the biggest mystery of my translation work. Thanks to your answers, the problem solving became clear, and I think I can share the final revision of the Korean version of the Nizo 801 macro manual with my friends. Thank you again!
  4. You have good mirrorless cameras. However, no matter how good the camera is, mirrorless rarely loses its frames. Which guy dropped 2 frames? Naturally, this is the camera where the video ends 2 frames first. If I know exactly where the frame is dropped, I will create an edit point in it and fill one frame (or two frames) with the'morphing cut' feature. For audio, unless there is a reason to use both audios, I think you should only use the audio track with no problems. I hope that your problem will be resolved satisfactorily.
  5. Hello. This is a question about Nizo 801 macro viewfinder fogging. If you look at the red mark on the user manual of the Nizo 801 macro in the picture, you will see a sentence saying that "However, no light can in any circumstances reach the film after penetrating the viewfinder." So I turned on the flashlight towards the viewfinder and checked the film gate (with the shutter open) to see if it actually did. The light was shining brightly as shown in the following picture. I think this means tremendous fogging in the bright outdoors. Of course, this was the same with or without a lens cap. Why does the instruction manual say that no light comes in through the viewfinder? The German version of this camera's instruction manual says 'Es ist auf jeden Fall ausgeschlossen, daß Licht durch das Okular auf den Film gelangen kann.' is this a translation mistake? Or am I misunderstanding the English instruction manual?
  6. You can see it directly in the test video attached to the link. Venice starts at 06:04. Panning at the 6K Opengate wasn't that super fast. However, I panned quite quickly in 4K crop mode.
  7. Lovely Venice shows a mild skew when panning quickly.
  8. My humble opinion that I can give because I am a poor amateur filmmaker is that I am not shooting this scene in the real bathroom. Because... as a low budget amateur filmmaker, the first thing I should invest in is the actor's safety, and I think the bathroom is a place where accidents are common in everyday life.(and stunt doubles may not have been hired yet). I think you can cheat if you cover the wall and floor with plywood and tile patterned wallpaper and insulation (as you mentioned) in a suitable space with a floor that is not wet and slippery, and is not a stone material. I think it would be better to cheat with large shower curtains and accessories like acrylic mirrors. These are just my opinions as I said above and I hope you can get more practical and good opinions from professional cinematographers.
  9. Hello Daniel! Thank you for your kind reply. I fully agree with your comments. That video was shot in 2019. The place is a show called KOBA. It would be nice to understand that this is a tiny version of the NAB show in South Korea. And I was planning on retesting with a 300hz LP player test strobe and diffuser at KOBA in May this year(as you mentioned), but the KOBA show was unfortunately canceled because of the coronavirus (like the NAB). I think I should probably wait until next year!
  10. Hello! In modern digital cinema cameras, the distortion caused by rolling shutters is quite annoying in most cases. As everyone knows, it is natural that the slower the read-out speed of sensor is, the more severe the distortion is, but the read-out speed of high-end cinema cameras is not very public. At camera new product presentations and seminars, I asked camera product managers directly about the read-out speed,(Sony, Black Magic, Arri) But unfortunately, all the managers of the three companies avoided answering the read-out speed. I wonder why. Now, the video below is a somewhat unscientific rolling shutter test video of 8 cinema cameras. It's difficult to judge easily with that video, but what do you think is the reading speed of each camera through your eyes and experience? My simple unscientific 'guessing' is: (At maximum resolution) Alexa mini 2.8k = 8ms? Alexa LF, mini LF = 11~12ms? C700 = 12~14ms? VARICAM35,LT = 14ms? RED MONSTRO = 16ms? VENICE = just under 10ms at 6k, 5ms at 4k crop And... I haven't tested Alexa 65 on my own, but when I see several feature films, it feels like 16ms. Please tell me if you have any experiences.
  11. Hello I am looking to buy a lomo UPB-1A tank. I would like the purchase price to be around $ 100. If you are selling Lomo Tank, please contact me via the comments or message or email below. Thank you. ktl0001z@gmail.com
  12. Wonderful! If you were shooting at 24 fps ... 3 cranks per second is a tremendous challenge!
  13. How about 'Cinetactics Mattebox' https://www.proav.co.uk/matteblox-dv it is a fabric / velcro mattebox. or just cutting some E.V.A foam and Velcro tape.
  14. Hello, I have question about V3 Moe lens, prime lens set from 'vision iii Imaging'. as i remembered, it was introduced couple of years ago and its key feature is called 'parallax scanning'. i can't understand its final goal well. shaking image with shaking iris? of course there is depth improvement and there is texture improvement in sample videos but those videos look too unstable to me. does anybody has experience with v3 moe lens? website is here http://www.inv3.com/products/moe
  15. It was 60hz ac current flickering.. about fluorescence lamp and shutter angle will be not 144 degrees (1/60 s) i think. it was very simple thing. ah..... but still don't know about lots of motion blurs with standard framerate and shutter angle
  16. DCI 2k resolution is 2048x1080 at full container 1.91 1998x1080 at flat 1.85 2048x858 at scope 2.39 I think there are two options and both options need sacrifice of pixels.. (downsize) 2048x858 scope with pillar box for flat shot. 1998x1080 flat with letter box for scope shot. I think 1998x1080 flat is better for resolution if theater screen is 1.85 with top,bottom mask not naturally 2.39 screen
  17. How about search like this ex. find movie shot on Sony F23 or Kodak 5299 google / sony f23 site:www.imdb.com kodak 5299 site:www.imdb.com
  18. Hello I have some question about film's Motion Characteristic some movies like terminator 2, total recall (1990) are has a video-ish Motion Characteristic. terminator 2 is shot on film, it is 24 fps, it was not more than 180' shutter angle but it has lots of motion blurs, so motion feel like between film and video. and see these pictures please it's near 01:39:02 screen grab in terminator 2 / 24 fps video file you see some long kind of lamp in picture and this is same cut when fast panning. there is triple ghost. what make this thing? entire movie is like this when fast movement. ghosting and lots of motion blurs and video-ish motion. because camera shutter type? between halfmoon,bowtie? or lighting? telecine,scan? I really don't know. and sorry about awful grammar. Thank you.
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