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Problem with Bolex H16 EL + Kern-Paillard Vario-Switar 18-86mm f2.5 lens

Joni Tuominen

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I recently bought a Bolex H16 EL- camera and also I get a Kern-Paillard Vario-Switar 18-86mm f2.5 RX lens for it from a different seller. Both should be for the c-mount? 
The problem is that I can't get the lens attached to the camera. It does not fit inside.

I also took the c mount off the camera and tried to fit it into the lens but it doesn't fit in that way either. Like there’s not enough space for it..

 What could be wrong? Can anyone help?  thank you!

Drive link to photos: 


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Unfortunately the C mount adapter doesn’t work with large barrelled lenses like your zoom.

You may need to return the zoom and get one in Bolex bayonet mount. The adapter is really only for smaller primes.

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