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36mm Macro Switar for H8 on H16?

Matthew B Clark

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Hi everyone.  Wondering if the image circle is big enough for 16 or S16 to work at all on S16. 

Came across this interesting video of someone using it on a BMPCC.  It's cropped, but it looks surprisingly good when he gets to the 36mm macro shots (even though it's cropped).  I shoot on a S16 modified EBM and have a set of Switar primes, and as long as it's standard C-mount and the focal flange and image circle are "decent" enough to get some trick close-ups and macro shots of eyes that look all dreamy, it could be of use...just didn't know if this had been covered or anyone has experience...  The 36mm seems sharp...would be nice...

Is the coverage good on that lens for BMPCC / S16 sensor size without vignetting?


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On 7/15/2020 at 7:11 AM, Jean-Louis Seguin said:

When used on a BMPCC, the Macro-Switar 36mm f/1.4 H8RX has a focusing range between approx. 6” and 30”, so macro only.

Jean-Louis, would the same be true on a Bolex EBM?  If there is any range I can get from this lens on the Bolex, it is attractive to me...since the lens itself is so sharp...but I don’t know if this is only true of BMPCC...

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Should be the same focussing range on any standard C mount camera or used with a standard C mount adapter.

The issue is the optical flange depth of a Bolex H8 RX, which uses C mount but is 2.2mm shorter than standard C mount. So on any normal C mount the lens will act like it has a 2.2mm extension tube fitted, making it macro only.

You might find it has a slightly different character wide open on an EBM compared to a camera without a reflex prism like a BMPCC. 

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