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Serene (or generic alternative) for Easyrig Minimax?

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Hey guys,

I'm a big fan of the Easyrig. I have the Easyrig Minimax myself, and really love it! I mostly shoot with cameras rigged up to 4-6kg round about. 

I was tihinkg about getting the Flowcine Serene - for Gimbal work and other stuff, but found out, that it doesn't fit on the Easyrig Minimax.

So I wanted to ask you guys, if there are any generic alternatives, like the Flowline Placid or something else that fit on the Easyrig. Or maybe the Flowcine Serene fits on the Easyrig Minimax and I'm just wrong?

 I'm sure they don't have the full quality like the Flowcine Serene, but wanted to know your experiences with other Serene-type-spring arms.

all the best


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Hey Gregory,

the Flowline Placid does fit on the Easyrig Minimax, but you have to drill a hole through the top for the string yourself. I haven't used this combo myself yet tho, as I held out buying the Flowline Placid, due to there beeing little to no information out there on how well it works when using it with a Gimbal. If you end up getting it, I would be very curious how well it works! 

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I keep waiting, more like hoping, that they will come out and allow the EasyRig MiniMax to be upgraded just a little bit more than it is. I have it and I am also going to have to buy the EasyRig Vario with STABIL and I just cannot understand why one costs $1300 and the other will cost $7,000, with nothing really in the middle. Unless you go with a cheap Chinese knockoff, or a ReadyRig.

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On 12/1/2020 at 12:43 PM, Justin Allen said:

Unless you go with a cheap Chinese knockoff, or a ReadyRig.

Am curious to hear more about how the Chinese Easyrigs and Chinese Serenes perform? They're tempting at their much lower prices for the more occasional shooters such as myself. 

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I have read several reviews over the last several months where users have purchased them and all of them go like this. "It was a great deal but after a few uses it a) started falling apart; b) I can't believe how uncomfortable it is; or c) I know why the original versions are so much".

As much as I love the lower prices, you certainly get what you pay for. 

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 Have you come up with a solution, 1 year later? Few months ago I emailed Johann (Easyrig) and he hinted, apparently, to a solution. But maybe we got lost in translation and he was referring to the Easytilt that at the time had yet to be announced.

 Still looking for a solution to dampen gimbal with Minimax 



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