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FS: 2 400 foot rolls of Expired 16mm Kodak Vision3 500T 7219

Adam Guzik

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Hey, folks!

Deciding to part ways with these 2 rolls of 16mm 500T stock.

I bought these back in 2014 during my freshman year of college.  These cans have never been opened, but they haven't been stored optimally either - they've been stored at room temperature for the last 6 years, and I don't know how long the person I bought them from had them before me, so they are almost certainly expired by this point.

Selling these both for $275 USD.  Shipping's included.  This will be shipping from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, USA, zip code 17901.  


Thanks a ton, folks!  



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To be fair, it may be OK and just need some overexposure to compensate. Probably depends on how hot the “room temperature” got. There are some threads in the archives here on using expired film where the image looks fine. 

Given that this stock fresh would cost about $350 perhaps the discount is not quite worth the unknown risk, but that’s a decision up to the buyer I guess. 

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