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  1. youre joking right? youre selling expired film that hasnt been stored properly for 6 years? haha
  2. Hey guys, I recently shot a scene outside in pretty low light conditions and decided to push the film one stop. The film came back and looks extremely different from the rest of the footage. Usually I have very little trouble with correcting 16mm but now this just looks terrible. It feels like the negative is missing color. Sooo Ive been wathcing youtube tutorials on how to white balance for two days now and trying different methods but really havnt gotten any good results. What am I missing? Does pushing film really ruin the film this much? If anyone wants to take a look at it
  3. Hey Guys, I recently shot a music video where one of the characters has moved to New York. In the pitch I included some footage I have shot myself and they liked it and said it worked. I have now shot and edited the first draft and they dont think its enough. The video is shot on 16mm and so is my so called stock footage. I want to match this. I've googled around but cant seem to find anything from 2000s until now or something that doesnt look 100 yrs old.. Do you have some sweet 16mm (or super16) of nyc laying around? Or can refer me somewhere??? Any type of shots is interesting!
  4. Hi Fred yeah I've seen it but its so god damn expensive :))) and you know... the pandemic haha. I have an A-Cam SP16, Minima and an SR2 to trade with. And the Zeiss Super Speed S16 kit + 12-120mm vario sonnar optex rebuild + 5,9mm angeniuex.......
  5. Does anyone know what the number for this is?? Or can you even translate this to film cameras? I wanna put an angeniuex 5,9mm super16 lens on an Alexa Mini but its verrrry long and im afraid itll hit the sensor!
  6. Bruce!! I just wanna let you know everything went great.. almost!! Im glad we rolled three cameras at the same time because only one of them caught the explosion. The other two i unfortunately managed to **(obscenity removed)** up 🙂 heres the iphone shot just for fun https://vimeo.com/411535703/f400c44475 Thanks alot!
  7. So just expose like I would expose without an explosion?
  8. I will in a few days blow up a car on film... but it my first one so I am looking for advice on how to expose the scene. In the scene a person will walk or run towards the camera and the car will explode in the background. Its important to see the persons face It will be shot outside during the day and most likely will be cloudy and grey as hell, I live in Sweden. I can choose whatever ASA Kodak sells but im thinking 250D or 500T. No lights will be used if I can avoid it! So what do ya think??? here's a previous explosion set up by my pyro guy and also what ours will look like
  9. Thanks Dom. I managed to line it up correctly and its now working. But my Minima is having a harder time haha, cant even lock it in place 🙂 will check this. Thanks!
  10. So I have an Angenieux 5.9mm and Im trying to put it on to my Arri SR2 but it touches the shutter. The back of the lens is goes too long into the camera. Its a PL converted lens im thinking maybe the conversion is the problem... take a look at the photos and youll see what im talking about. What to do?
  11. Sure. Send me an email olle.hjertenknutson@gmail.com
  12. I am looking for an Arri 416 preferrably in Europe. I have a nice Aaton A-Minima kit with 5 lenses and an Arri SR2 if trading is an option. But otherwise just looking to talk to someone selling!
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