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  1. Hey Guys. I have an ARRI LWS-2 for sale. It fits the all the SR cameras. This is a different from the one that I already have listed as it is only one piece. It extends 14,4 cm/5,6 inches from the base. Item is located in Europe but can be shipped internationally. Asking price is 250 Euro.
  2. I am selling this charger for the Arriflex SR2 batteries. The charger is working as it should. Item is located in Europe but can be shipped internationally. Asking price is 250 euro.
  3. I am selling an ARRI LWS-3. It comes with two rods that are about 9,5 cm/3,7 inches. Total length with rods is 14,4 cm/5,6 inches. Item is located in Europe but can be shipped internationally. Asking price is 300 euro.
  4. I mean I asked you how you motivate it but I guess you think the market is that saturated. The ebay ad for this is more accurately priced imo. As fo your question theyre all private sellers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. 9000 for an sr2? how do you motivate that price? thats double from what i know people have bought this camera for recently. and with more accessories
  6. Hello guys, Does anyone have experience with any of the Elekuvakonepaja battery adapters, the one with video converter or the one without? https://elokuvakonepaja.com/product/aaton-power-adapter-w-video-converter/ https://elokuvakonepaja.com/product/aaton-power-adapter/
  7. Vice package! Is it tested? When did it las run? is the lens included? :)
  8. Hello folks, I am selling three of my Zeiss HS mk1 with Arri Bayonet. I have used them with a PL adapter and on my Aaton Minima and I love them. They are very small, lightweight and fast. Located in Sweden and will accept payment via Paypal. Shipping outside of EU is fine.. i guess? Not sure how to deal with customs though. As for the price im thinking 1400 euro each or 4000 for all three. more photos here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/96cqa1zxkbbuw3n/AADeRkcyeiC0oeEICWVYui15a?dl=0 and you can check out stuff ive shot with these here, almost all projects include them in some way https://vimeo.com/olleknutson Zeiss HS mk1 - 12mm 1.3 Zess HS mk1 - 16mm 1.3 Zeiss HS mk1 25mm 1.3
  9. nice! how come so pricey? is it new?
  10. because you cna run the camera for about two and a half minute in 25fps and then you have to load it again. and also there is no viewfinder
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