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Lens adapters for Aaton camera mount

Clay Jeter

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Hi all,

I own an Aaton XTR s16 camera. Currently I have a PL hard mount on the camera and have only used the camera with rented PL glass, but I also own the original Aaton Mount, which has a much shorter FFD than the PL mount (40mm compared with PL 52mm).

So I’m looking for adapters that would allow me to put vintage lenses (with ffds between 40mm and 52mm) on the camera that will cover the s16 film plane (i.e. m42, Canon FD, Nikon f, etc).

Does anyone know if there are any adapters out there that would allow me to put any of these lenses on my Aaton camera mount? If so, where can I find them?

Thanks for your help!

- Clay

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I know there are Nikon mount adaptors for the Aaton mount, one came with my XTR when I bought it. There may be others but the diameter of the Aaton mount may be the limiting factor in what kinds of lenses you can adapt to it. Try Serious gear and/or VP they may have some mount adaptors in stock. 

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