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Shot in the dark SR3 parts request

charles g clark

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this is a total stab in the dark hoping there’s a rental house on here somewhere with uncommon arri sr3 parts sitting around - pretty unlikely but I’ll ask before I go to a machinist...

Has anyone got parts 25,24 or 23 in the attached SR3 drawing sitting around they won’t use? Arri no longer have any stock. They don’t look the most challenging parts of the camera to manufacture but you never know

Thanks in advance


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Thanks to Christin at Pille (https://www.used-filmequipment.com/products/list/id/130) I now have the spares -

does anyone know if the worm gear needs any lubricant before installing?

thanks in advance


also if you are looking for spares well worth asking Pille, they do have more than is listed on their website

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