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  1. Hi, I was looking at the American Arri lighting catalogue (by error, I’m in the uk) and noticed that Arri doesn’t list chimeras anymore for the arrilite plus, but instead lists white translucent umbrellas and a stand adaptor (the Europe catalogue doesn’t have these and still lists chimeras) just wondering if anyone has used these or had experience of umbrellas with tungsten lighting? Do they need to be of a certain spec for heat? They seem like they would be handy in certain scenarios. Any experiences out there? I have chimeras for my 750’s but nothing for my 2000 plus and was interes
  2. Thanks to Christin at Pille (https://www.used-filmequipment.com/products/list/id/130) I now have the spares - does anyone know if the worm gear needs any lubricant before installing? thanks in advance also if you are looking for spares well worth asking Pille, they do have more than is listed on their website
  3. Thank you Jean - louis I had a feeling the screws that came with it weren’t the right ones. the holes in the brass ring do line up with the focus indicator ring so hopefully if I can find the right screws I can get it working as good as new! Think they’re an M2 screw, not heard of dog points before but a quick google tells me that’s what I need thanks!
  4. Hi Dom, I have it all cleaned and lubed, back together and running smoothly until I screw the focus indicator ring back on- then it adds a huge amount of drag. It doesn’t appear damaged- would that ring also require lubricating? many thanks again
  5. If it makes any difference at all, it’s the same parts that have been in all arri sr cameras, from sr1 through sr3, including hs variants according to the sr parts manual. Even has the same parts numbers anyway thank you for looking
  6. Hi, this is a total stab in the dark hoping there’s a rental house on here somewhere with uncommon arri sr3 parts sitting around - pretty unlikely but I’ll ask before I go to a machinist... Has anyone got parts 25,24 or 23 in the attached SR3 drawing sitting around they won’t use? Arri no longer have any stock. They don’t look the most challenging parts of the camera to manufacture but you never know Thanks in advance
  7. Thank you again Dom, that’s amazing- weeks of internet trawling hasn’t even uncovered that brand! That definitely narrows down my search to a much much smaller area! thanks again!
  8. I’ve heard that’s all the rage in shoreditch currently. Nice push chair! We have an uppa baby vista and we’re about to have our second child so I’ll check with HQ and see if I can add “ability to transport kit” to our needs list !😂
  9. Thanks Uli, sorry I didn't see your reply! I'm going to hopefully get my SR3 out to london next week to capture the emptiness so I'll give the labs a call then!
  10. Fast forwarding to almost a year later and having had the benefit of time and an uneconomically repairable lens, (by the time you add a PL mount and fix it, it didn't stack up), I managed to solve the Rubik's cube, put the lens together, remarkably without tearing up any threads, and get it all back, focussed at infinity (as good as my eyes can anyway) and understand the markings and gap measurements enough to rebuild it a few times.... Anyway, does anyone have any helicoid lubricant recommendations? I've tried NYOgel 795a but it seems a bit heavy for my liking (admittedly I might be pack
  11. Look beautiful Uli, I’m inspired to dust off my moviecam- I think I have (possibly) the last 6000 feet of fuji eterna in existence... im curious- what sort of price per foot can you get at Kodak for processing and tk these days? Do they deal with small minimums? Not used film in nearly 10 years..! cheers
  12. Hi, I’m having a play with my sr3- I got this video assist camera on ebay years ago and never used it for anything, mostly because the camera is supposed to plug into an anti flicker unit that also drops the 24v power from the camera to 12v for the Sony ccd. basically the unit is a Sony ccd camera with a specialised interface bolted on the back which connects into the standard 12 pin Sony connector beneath. anyway I am planning on giving it an independent 12v supply and connecting the composite out to the BNC on the back of the unit - I’ve done continuity test with m
  13. Thank you! I’ve often thought about using china balls but never actually got round to it, I had no idea how the electrics worked - but looking at it it’s definitely something I’m going to want to try in the future- I was pretty nervous with a light and soft box hanging over the table (well within the weight limit of a manfrotto 085b but nonetheless) and would have enjoyed it more with a lighter solution!
  14. Thank you! Yes the big soft box in the sky is a near permanent blessing/curse!
  15. If you can live with a belt hawk woods sell one that takes two v locks and combined them for a 24-28v source for about £280
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