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Spot the Hatfield

Phil Rhodes

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About forty minutes north of London, there's a Jacobean mansion called Hatfield House. Because it's not run by the national trust, it's much more amenable to location work than a lot of old English country houses - they'll let you use atmos, and light fires in the fireplaces, as I understand it. As a result, it's used a lot. And I mean a lot. If I just search stuff I've written about recently, it comes up four times:

Rebecca (Laurie Rose, BSC):


The Favourite (Robbie Ryan, BSC, ISC):


The Great (John Brawley, ACS):


I also covered The Last Vermeer (aka Lyrebird), photographed by Remi Adefarasin, BSC, but I don't think that production used the location we see above, which the people who own the house call "the long gallery" (clickety-here for info).

Hatfield has been in this game since it played Bruce Wayne's pad for Batman in 1989 among many, many other things (clickety-here for list). Wish I owned a Jacobean mansion.



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Thought I recognized it in ‘Enola Holmes’!

Funny how every frame you shared has the same lighting approach. They look great, of course. But it would be nice occasionally to see a more high key look with hard sunbeam slashes with the kick off the floor bouncing into that gorgeous ceiling and sending speculars everywhere. I guess it’s just too cost-prohibitive to do something like that these days unless you’re making a superhero movie, which is unfortunate.

We should start a GoFundMe for Phil and his caviar dreams though - I’d contribute a few pennies. 😁

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