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E/EF/F mount adapters to PL?

Jamie McRae

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Hi All,

Firstly, I do know you cannot natively adapt an E/EF/F mount lens to a PL mount camera. But for some experiments sake I'm wondering if there are any adapters out there like this?

I'm trying to work on a project using pinholes, and bellows and my first thought was to adapt something like this: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1202570-REG/fotodiox_11bllwceos_macro_bellows_for_canon.html to PL, and use pinhole lens caps. Having trouble just finding any kind of bellow mounts for PL in general as well. 

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be awesome. 

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the physical dimensions of the EF mount prevent installing it inside the PL mount deep enough to enable infinity focusing. If shooting macro stuff, almost anything could be done however. You can for example attach the taking lens to the PL adapter with tape or glue if that is the most practical way to do it. the lens just does not focus very far, probably only to couple of inches or so.

You can get cheap macro bellows in M42 mount and attach them to PL camera using a simple and affordable M42 to PL adapter (the RafCamera ones or the Chinese ones for example) . You can use M42 extension tubes in between of the adapter and the bellows if needed.

Attaching the Canon mount bellows to the PL adapter should be possible too if using some time and machining it a little bit.

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