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Rapiring Sekonic l-758D (Flap covering "memory" lost)

Sune Bang Ingemann

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Okay, I know this might be REALLY stretching it, but I thought that if there is anywhere online where someone has encountered this before, it would be here. 

I persume that the build of the 758D is very similar to the cine version, so if anyone has tried it with that one, let me know. 

The "Rubbery plastic flap" that covers the "memory" area fell off my beloved meter recently. Assume just because of old age. Now, the thing is that there is a gaping whole into the meters electronics. Searching for any replacements parts has been futile. Basicly I just want a way to cover up the hole, I never use memor function anyway. 

I thought about covering it up with adhesive putty or gluing some thick plastic over it to seal it up.. Has anyone ever experienced this and solved it? 

This meter is my most priced possession, so I'm willing to go quite far to fix it. 

Best of love


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Get a multi-pack of various size rubber grommets, slotted for running wires through car bulkheads. Make sure you find a set that has block off grommets as well as those with holes. You should be able to find one that will fit along the long axis of that hole, then trim down the shorter side with a razor blade. Pop it in and you're good to go. I have a few sets of these that I have as go-tos for typewriter repair and they are lifesavers. Hope this helps.

Phil Forrest

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Hey, I just wanted to get back to you.

I found an assortment of rubber grommets at the local car store, and one fitted perfectly! Unfortunately, it's height made it press down on the memory button under it. I had to cut off the bottom, to stop this from happening. This made it not sit secure, as there was no space between the top and buttom layer to "pop" in anylonger. 

I decided to do it the fast and ugly way, and glue it firm. Afterwards i have used black paper tape to cover it. It works perfectly! Thank you Phillip!


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