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Reduced price: Modernized Super Panavision / Todd AO AP65 65mm 5-perf large format film camera

Jakob Wallis

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Modernized Super Panavision / Todd AO AP65 65mm 5-perf large format film camera. One of only three in the entire world!

Shoots 2-72fps crystal-sync. Originally designed by Todd AO for car mounts, handheld and Steadicam use. It's in perfect working and cosmetic condition.

The camera was checked by Panavision Woodland Hills for a once-over and deemed to be in great shape. It is serviced and is guaranteed to work. The movement has very little wear and is in Mint shape.

The camera has an internal motor and torque motors on the mags for extra durability and reliability. It supports Motion Control and has internal heaters. It's a very robust and attractive 65mm camera system.

With its Hasselblad V mount, it will take any Zeiss/Hasselblad still lens. Hasselblad lenses are very high quality, widely available and cheap. It also features an IMAX positive-lock lens mount and a set of Spacecam lenses in IMAX mount. It comes with video assist (swappable for HD).

Reduced to $80k or Send us your offer!

More info here:





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3 minutes ago, Edith blazek said:

Hello, 2 questions, 1, is this still available? And 2, can a regular pl mount be made for this camera? Also, your ebay page link leads to nothing.

eBay links are generally only good for about 60 days.  When looking at a post from 10 months ago like this, they are usually going to lead to nothing.


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