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  1. Oh and yes it works fully - forward, backward, continuous, two kinds of single step, etc. Duncan
  2. I've been collecting various piles of used Arri stop motion equipment and have ended up with a second complete controller/motor unit, so I'm selling it. It's listed on ebay (I won't bother with the link because that'll be stale when someone finds this thread later on) but you can find it there and buy it from me that way or we can conduct a transaction here. If you do go through ebay, please do the "make offer" of something lower than my asking price and tell me you saw it here and I'll cut you a deal. I'm asking $350 there, will listen to about any offer here from the "in crowd" 🙂 Duncan
  3. I've got too many projects, too many cameras, time to unload some stuff. This is a 16S that I bought as a parts camera but it's right on that line where it's probably worth putting back in service rather than parting out, and I picked up a couple of significantly worse cameras that I'm frankensteining into one so this one is just excess to my needs. The good: Everything is basically there, in pretty good shape and functional. It's got the magazine port cover, the cord latch that is sometimes broken off, a pretty good motor rubber coupling, pretty clean optics and mirror, etc. The bad: it's noisy when running, so definitely in need of a CLA. It was obviously just sitting on a shelf for too many decades. The turret spins and stops at the detents but is stiff. The tachometer doesn't move but that may also just be stuck from sitting too long. There's a little chunk missing on the outer rim of the door, which has been repaired with duct tape. The rubber eyecup is hilariously petrified. It looks like it's been repainted at some point. The missing: the dome and (is it a lamp?) from the Pilotone unit on the side. The dome from the bloop lamp thingy on the front top. The viewfinder cover flap (those are always gone, argh) Looking to get $400 but will consider offers the longer it goes unsold. Located near Chicago, but will ship anywhere that you'll pay for. Let's call it $15 Priority Mail in the US, actual costs elsewhere in the world. Duncan
  4. To me, all of my Eclair mags, NPR and ACL, feel like about the same spring pressure, with two springs across the length of the plate. FWIW my ACL mags have serial numbers that start with SA and SB, but are all of the design like on the left, with the small rectangular raised around floating in the (side to side) center of the plate. Duncan
  5. It doesn't swing completely straight out to the side, so it's a little tighter and clumsier for left eye viewing than that special purpose extended one. Duncan
  6. I'll eventually put more pictures and words here as I investigate the mags I've got and how to get them in better shape, etc. But I thought I'd start with a simple (?) question. What is the meaaning of the difference between the pressure plates on the two mags pictured? Just different design evolutions? (I have two like on the left with serial numbers that start with "A" and two like on the right with serial numbers that start with "B" if that is a clue?) Or is one of them the "Super 16 modified" version like mentioned in the 1974 price list I've included an excerpt of here? Duncan
  7. Visual Products has an interesting "left eye extension" viewfinder for the ACL by Angenieux on ebay. I won't put a link because two months from now when it stops working everyone who reads this thread afterwards will be frustrated by that fact. I'll post a couple of their pictures here - go search for it if you're interested in buying it ($535 USD buy it now). I'd also be interested in any comments on this item, since I'd never heard of such a thing before. Was it designed for a different camera? A one-off for a left-eyed DOP? Duncan
  8. My chips are missing in transit. Working with the seller to find them or send new ones. In case you were waiting with bated breath for the next installment of this saga... Duncan
  9. The perfs don't run across the gate on the right side, of course - they're over where the claw is. But on the left side, I see a little wear patch, more obvious on the bottom side, but also there on the top, that corresponds with where the perfs are, to my eye. On most S16 cameras you wouldn't see that, because you'd only ever run single perf film through it. But this convertible camera, especially if it really were a rental, would have double-perf film run through it back in the days when that was plentiful. The aperture looks to be even, and to have been made as S16 width from the get-go, another reason I think it's the factory option. That motor is AMAZING, even without being able to bionically click into your shoulder. It's very light. The camera doesn't lurch forward if set down carelessly. The trigger switch is well placed. I need to weigh it in comparison to the stock Perfectone motor, but it is very noticeably lighter when lifting the camera. Duncan
  10. I'm also guessing it lived its life as a rental camera? The shutter angle warning plate would make more sense in that setting. Duncan
  11. Yes, it came with half a Kinoptic finder. If someone has the front half to a Kinoptic finder...or a whole Kinoptic finder... or an Angenieux finder...they'd like to sell, please let me know! Duncan
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