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  1. That certainly looks like a video shot with an ultra-wide lens to me. Why would there be a need to do it any other way? Those old "virtual 360 degree view" programs, where you could navigate in any direction to view the entire surroundings of a space.... those were done with numerous fisheye still shots stitched together and viewed using special software, Which you had to do that way, to allow the user to control it. Duncan
  2. I'm sure you've seen this, though it doesn't exactly help your quest to see one of these cameras clearly: https://archive.lib.msu.edu/tic/golfd/article/1931aug76.pdf Oh but wait! This is a little better: https://archive.lib.msu.edu/tic/golfd/article/1932apr75.pdf Duncan
  3. Oh I know, this is after all Cinematography.com, I'm just fascinated by how fixated people were on capturing golf swings, apparently. Duncan
  4. Hey I had a limited market golf swing camera once upon a time! 8 exposures on a single Polaroid sheet. https://www.photrio.com/forum/threads/fs-mitchell-graph-check-sequence-camera-8-exposure-sequence-on-one-4x5-picture.90242/ Duncan
  5. Probably one of those "if cost matters, you can't afford it" situations? Duncan
  6. Yep, that was me you edged out, so that really doesn't help me, ha! Duncan
  7. Just thought I'd post an update. Those backordered pins didn't come in May like they were supposed to, except for the 2mm (oversized) ones... and I can now see the drawing of them was incorrect. The grooving is in the middle, not at one end as pictured and as I thought matched the originals. SO that means the originals MUST be tapered, as those are the only ones that definitely have the grooves at just one end (about 1/3 the length.) I ordered some of those in April and they are also backordered, with an expected ship date in July, that I fully expect to also slip. Stupid global supply cha
  8. Really? Nobody has one stashed in the attic somewhere, that they'd be willing to sell along to the next crazy person? Duncan
  9. Is the question "I don't have access to the Avid for my personal projects, so how bad is it going to be to learn a new low/no cost alternative?" ? Duncan
  10. Haha, I also grabbed a couple of spares of that during my bargain basement frenzy :-) Duncan
  11. Mine did, not sure about anyone else's. For years of shooting still with Canon cameras, my 24/2.8 was my "normal" lens. I just like the field of view and the look through it, though of course you have to be careful with angles and things because it's pretty wide. It's got pretty deep DOF like any wide lens, so I always wanted the 1.4 Aspherical version to be able to combine my favorite lens with the occasional shallow focus when needed. Then came the big digital revolution and analog abandonment in the 2000s, and I scooped up cheaply all those lenses I had lusted after for decades:
  12. Got one, but you can pry it from my cold dead fingers, etc. Duncan
  13. Just for the historical record, here is what that lens' mount looks like when it's Arri-S from the factory: Duncan
  14. OK, my wider lenses definitely need more than the 1" or so depth of the shorter one, so the longer one would universally fit any Arri-S lens, I think, I'll order some of those! (RCL-20) Duncan
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