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  1. Nvm, for the few thousand dollars I'd save by going with the dragon, I'd lose out on nearly half what I can price on rentals, forget that.
  2. Update, I calculated it, and the dragon vv is signifigantly less expensive than the raptor fully kitted out, so I will probably go for the dragon unless within the time it takes for me to purchase it, it sells, then I will get the raptor.
  3. As for the reason, I wanted a red camera as I like the grungy aesthetic they deliver, and I wanted a full frame camera, and also I wanted something like the vraptor as it's highly versatile and fits my needs, I don't really need a bigger camera either, and I would want the flexibility in terms of lenses I'd get from the rf mount, that's why I'm looking at the two cameras as I can use Leica m lenses with them. As for renting, I'd use it on my personal projects, but I'd definitely would be renting out whatever I get a lot.
  4. On pricing, at first it seemed like a good deal, but honestly by the time I'm done with it, the two will probably cost around the same anyways, that's why I'm placing the conundrum as being aesthetics vs practicality.
  5. Hello, I'm looking to buy a cinema camera in this range of price and the 2 options I have come to are between the new red vraptor, and a old used red dragon 8k vv, which would be the better bet? could I get decent money renting the dragon vv? I'm in the DMV area of the US btw. Now why these cameras? Well it's because I actually like the look of red cameras (it just appeals to me more) and for my workflow I like having the 8k (personally speaking, I know I will get some up my ass for this tho), and I can use Leica m mount lenses so that kinda alot of other options are out of the running. I know the vraptor absolutely has a technical advantage over the dragon in every way and it has great image quality, but I like the gritty look and aesthetic of the dragon sensor with the legacy color science, to me it exemplifies what I associate with the look of red cameras the most and I'd have to do some work in post to get that out of the vraptor since you can't choose legacy color when shooting but can only work on that through selecting legacy color in redcine-x (not the end of the world I realize, but prefer to go with something I know will give me the aesthetic I want as I haven't seen any footage matching the dragon from the vraptor), and I also have no option for hdrx or any resolution options besides whole numbers on the vraptor. Basically I'm dealing with the age old conundrum of practicality vs aesthetics and I don't know where to go. If anyone has some advice, please give it to me, also if you have also pondered how to make the vraptor look like the older red cameras and succeeded in matching them based on the dragon, please tell me your ipp2 settings.
  6. Update: I cut the orions down to 2 and have finally come up with flags and frames to have 1x Matthews 40x40 kit 1x Matthews scrim and flag kit 1x 8x8 unbleached muslin 1x 8x8 china silk 1x 8x8 matthbounce/black Let me know what changes I can make.
  7. What size reflectors do you use with the 4x4 and 6x6s?
  8. Alright, here's an update, I dropped the Geminis and asteras for more 675s and added digital sputnik apollo 1s (they're basically the ds1s but more refined) as the battery powered light for when I need that and added the c-go reflector kit so here is the kit, let me know what I can do differently (keep in mind the stuff here would be rented out as in my area no one has a lot of the stuff here) 4x Prolycht Orion 675 fs (close to being equivalent to a 5k fresnel tungsten, which it's marketed as) 4x digital sputnik apollo 1 (brighter than a 300w tungsten but less bright than a 650w fresnel, marketed as being equivalent to a 500w tungsten) Lightbridge crls c drive+ kit Full set of rosco storage gels 20x20 negative fill Also, can you fold fabrics like unbleached muslin to use it on smaller frames?
  9. Alright, if I was to get the astera titan and NYX's, how many kits should I get of each? I honestly have left them out now since it would get me into the 10s of thousands of dollars to have enough replace all of the lights on location say in an office, at least if the cinematographer for the dropout is to be believed.
  10. Hello, so I want to have a set of rgb lights like astera titans I can use as practicals to replace existing practicals but the problem is that it seems like it can get very expensive very quickly, even using cheaper RGB tube lights like the quasars, nanlites, or amarans, so I want to go about this so I only get what I need. So that leaves me asking to anyone that has done this, how many lights did you use to replace practicals on location or set? And before you ask, I'm not sure the rental houses in my area would have a sufficient amount of titans or any such light for this, so please help.
  11. Hey do you have a full frame camera you can test the coverage of these lenses?
  12. Hi, can you fold say a 12x20 or 20x20 piece of unbleached muslin to use on a smaller frames like a 12x12 or 8x8 or 6x6? Also, I was thinking of having a kit of lights I could use as practicals like astera titans or NYX's to replace existing practicals, the problem is scale, I realize I would need way more than a single kit of each's worth so that leaves me asking, can I get away with gelling practicals with color gels for that effect?
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