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Bolex h-16 Reflex Sticky Release

Felix Rapp

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I've just bought myself a Bolex H-16 Reflex on Ebay {http://www.bolexcollector.com/cameras/h16reflex.html} which runs fine and is cosmetically pretty near perfect. Unfortunately, when I was running my first roll today and doing some animation with the the side release it began to stick. It doesn't require any force to push it back into the STOP position but it is certainly annoying to nudge it after every frame. The same happens if I push the release in (or on the side) to continuous filming "M". It will stick a little and continue filming until I slightly nudge it with a finger and then it returns to stop.

I hope this is simply a problem with lubrication that a CLA can fix. Perhaps, with the help of you brilliant folk, I can even fix the issue myself?

Any tips? If not, can anyone recommend a European service centre for Bolex?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, 


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Do yourself, and what you shoot, a favor and send the camera off for service. That sticky shutter button will be taken care of as well as all the other issues you haven't encountered yet. You'll have a baseline of performance for the camera and you'll be able to better tell what is wrong with the camera. Cameras right out of the shipping box from ebay or whatever-other-sight-unseen website very often need service in order to work properly.

Think of sending the camera to Simon Wyss who posts here frequently. He's very helpful with advice and though I haven't sent a camera to him, I'd trust him with my REX4 without question.

Phil Forrest

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