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What the heck is this Angenieux zoom mount?


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Hey all,

So I purchased a very clean Angenieux 10-68 zoom that was supposed to be C-mount... but it doesn't fit any C-mount adapters even remotely. It has the "dogleg" viewfinder attachment, but when I remove that added lens extension, there still isn't a C-mount behind it. Even though I live in Hollywood, no camera gurus can seem to identify it, even though there are a bunch of these "dogleg" 17-68 lenses sold on eBay, etc.

So I come to the gold standard forum for old camera lenses and ask... what the heck is this mount, and is it adaptable to c-mount (and ultimately, to Micro 4/3)? Here are photos...



Screen Shot 2021-02-20 at 10.21.11 AM.jpg

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Wow, great find! Now... how on Earth to buy that back piece? Via Google Translate, it seems that guy has found a way of mounting it with different hardware, now how to find that part that says "A C mount is locked on it"?

Or does anyone know of a place that sells old Angenieux parts that might have the original c-mount ring?

Thanks, you've solved one big part of the mystery!

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The c mount flange is held on to the camera with a brass retaining ring, which is actually the c mount itself. The flange is just a cup with tabs that lock into the ring at the back of the lens. When people don't have the right spanner to take the c mount off, or they don't know that it is a part of the lens, they just twist off the QR flange and sell only a partial set, as you have there. You might find the part attached to a Bell & Howell 240, as these were standard kits.

Good luck.

Phil Forrest

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Thanks so much for your expertise(s?). There are a couple of old lens Yodas outside of L.A. that I'll contact tomorrow to see if they have a line on getting that little piece. It'd be a shame to let this lens go to waste just because of that little adapter, but as the old poem goes, "For want of a nail..."

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