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WTB: Cooke DUOPANCHRO (65/70mm format). I have the 55mm, I am looking for the 30mm and 40mm.


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Might be somewhat of a long-shot, but I'm hoping maybe someone here has one of these sitting around.

I am looking for Cooke DuoPanchros (the ones made for 65/70mm, not the Double-Speeds which were made for VistaVision...although the 75mm Double-Speed would interest me.)

I have the 55mm DuoPanchro, and I'd like to try and find the 30mm and the 40mm to complete the set.

I am not really interested in selling the 55, but I would *maybe* consider trades for vintage anamorphics (anything other than Lomo Squarefront). That's if I have no luck finding the 30 and 40, of course.

Here's the 55:




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Bump in hopes that someone has a line on a 30mm or 40mm!

There are only ~two 30mm's in rental outfits that I can find, and I know Cooke must have made at least a few more than that...Numbers I heard for my 55mm were that around 15 total were made.

There have to be a few 30's and 40's hanging around out there somewhere...anyone have any ideas on who to check with?

If I can at least find a 40mm, I could probably settle for using a Leica R Super-Angulon 28mm f2.8 (tilt shift) in place of the Cooke 30mm...62mm image circle, should just barely cover 65mm format.

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On 7/19/2021 at 12:40 PM, James Coleman Rogers said:

up to the top again.

Hoping a 30mm or 40mm are out there. I know they must be somewhere...

Heya, are you still searching for the other lenses and if not, have you thought about selling your 55mm?

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