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Bolex H16 EL

Cale Boys

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Couple of questions regarding the Bolex H16EL that I can't find. 

- Can it do continuous recording without holding down the record button?
- On a full charge, how long does the battery last?


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According to this Link http://www.filmtechnik-online.de/filmtechnik/reload.htm?bo-el.htm

Standardmäßig wird die Kamera mit einem 12 V 0,8 A Akku geliefert, der bei voller Ladung etwa 12 Tageslichtspulen a 30 m durchzieht. Beim Drehen mit Zusatzkassette ist die Verwendung eines Akkus mit höherer Leistung ratsam.

Translation: The camera usually comes with a 12 V 0,8 A battery, which when fully charged should be able to transport roughly 12x 30m rolls. Filming with the extra magazine requires a more powerful battery.

So I guess it depends on whether you are using the extra magazine for 120m, or just shooting in camera on 30m rolls.

Also, depends on how fresh you batteries are, my experience with the battery packs for Arri SRs is that they loose their juice fairly quickly, and so need refreshing every few years if used infrequently.


Here's a link to the manual (in english) http://www.vintagecameras.fr/images/MonSite/BOLEX/H16_Reflex/_Doc/BOLEX_H16_EL_Manuel_en.pdf

Continuous shooting is possible.

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