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    Agreeing with Tyler here. An engineer in Russia who so happens to be a cinematographer as well has taken the K-3 and modified it to have an video assist and canon EF mount. I can see current 16mm cameras being converted to a 2020 version without having to create a full new model from scratch. All images of the build is here, follow/see the instagram to watch the process: https://imgur.com/a/8BT2bf9
  2. Sorry mate, I bought this a month back!
  3. Looking to buy an Eclair ACL mark II with varispeed S16mm if possible.
  4. Ah good to know! Thank you
  5. Just curious if anyone knows if I can drill in this area to create a new screw mounting, I need to move my K-3 forward on my shoulder rig and the current screw mount is too far forward. Image: https://imgur.com/a/bfil2Zi
  6. An expensive trial and error buying shutter release cables seeing which one can trigger the stop/start function. I’ll keep digging around
  7. https://imgur.com/a/XOOR3yt. This one would work I think
  8. Sorry, I know what you mean. The cable release that locks when pushed down, yeah mine does that. The new information is you're saying the plunger needs to be way longer. I wonder by how much?
  9. Could you please link me or tell me the name of the stop-start? Having trouble hunting one down
  10. Oh really? I read elsewhere after posting this that a shutter release cable can trigger stop/stop on the K-3. Is your cable just a regular one from online? What's the automatically locked one you're mentioning?
  11. Unfortunately that’s a random post on Facebook but I did read the owner bought a small rig handle and just drilled a normal shutter release cable through it. im actually building a rig with a nucleus-m handle to pull focus with my left hand and then a stop/start button with my right right hand. I might need to take down this post as I found out you can stop/start by just plugging in the cable to the front like the Bolex can.
  12. Thinking out loud here, maybe super gluing a thick piece of metal on the end of a cable release, and when pushed it pushes the record button down? Rough photoshop edit here: https://imgur.com/a/Ac8farK
  13. I'm trying to rig up my should rig handles to be able to stop/start on the record button via a lever/cable or some sort without having to actually hold it in all the time, this is will free up my hands to stabilize the camera. Here's the camera: https://imgur.com/a/fTB1euW Here's an example of the Bolex system that has it so you can just use a shutter release cable plugged in like this (unfortunately the K-3 doesn't work like this) : https://imgur.com/a/bKbKbYu What sort of leaver can I run down the handles that when squeezed/pushed, it pushes down on the front record button?
  14. Hey Dom, I actually get all my film from Camera Equip and Memory Lab in Richmond. There was a cheaper deal going for this online saving about $25 each roll and I thought why not. Now its been over a month I’ve completely forgotten about them and only reliazed when I got the notification that they’re coming. Might save them to last and use them for not an important project.
  15. I ordered 2 rolls of 250D 100ft rolls from the States to Australia on July 20th and they're only arriving in Australia now. By the time they clear customs and get to my door, potentially 5th of September. Would the film be okay being left out of the fridge that long/sitting around/x-rays?
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