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  1. Great zoom lens, untested as my Aaton came with a PL mount. Glass looks clean and the focus gears turn smoothly. selling $500 AUD (Australian dollar) All images: https://imgur.com/a/OvbniGt Cheers
  2. Trying this sale again as I took down the ad and decided to keep it but life goes on. This is a recently serviced camera done by a professional Aaton service tech in Sydney, Australia. It's been completely cleaned, serviced and repaired to a perfect working order. It runs incredibly smooth and quiet and the gate is clean and stable. The motor runs only at 24fps as that was the only frame rate the newly installed base could run at. In my opinion that hasn't been an issue. - Aaton LTR-7 -2x Magazines for S16 -2x Freshly installed cells Aaton batteries -Extender eye piece -Wooden grip Looking for $5,500 AUD (Ausralian Dollar) Here's my latest work shot using this camera:
  3. Cale Boys

    Bolex H16 EL

    Couple of questions regarding the Bolex H16EL that I can't find. - Can it do continuous recording without holding down the record button? - On a full charge, how long does the battery last? Thanks.
  4. IMAGES: https://imgur.com/a/38f091z This has been completely cleaned/serviced by an Aaton professional in Sydney, Australia recently (can provide all paper work) - PL mount - Super 16mm gate -XTR Prod View Finder -Newly installed base which only runs at 25fps - 2x magazines all serviced and cleaned. -2x freshly installed battery cells inside 2x Aaton battery cases (comes with charger) - $5,500 AUD
  5. Selling factory sealed 16mm kodak film 1x 50D 3x 250D 2X 500T $450 AUD (australian dollars)
  6. I have an even older LTR-7 and got told this from AZ: "Hello Cale, Thank you for the picture. Yes, we can install our HD-SDI video tap inside your camera. Best regards, Andrew"
  7. Example of a Bolex with PL mount: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGOhPacBRag/
  8. If you come across a Bolex that's S16 and has a PL mount then you're going to be fine. Plenty of cinematographers I know use them on set and the footage is no different from an SR3 or Aaton (if the right glass is on )
  9. How strange. When I confronted the seller that its actually not a 8-64mm they were shocked. I assume they were sold on the idea it was a true Canon 8-64mm many years ago themselves...
  10. But you're right. Someone has taken the Canon J8x6 B4 lens and converted the back part.
  11. It's strange hey? The front part looks normal but the tube part at the rear is very strange and definitely not part of the original design.
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