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  1. How strange. When I confronted the seller that its actually not a 8-64mm they were shocked. I assume they were sold on the idea it was a true Canon 8-64mm many years ago themselves...
  2. But you're right. Someone has taken the Canon J8x6 B4 lens and converted the back part.
  3. It's strange hey? The front part looks normal but the tube part at the rear is very strange and definitely not part of the original design.
  4. Any idea on what the tube part is on the lens in the images ?
  5. I think that will be the go. Also what's the tube part? I've never seen it on that lens before and the seller has no clue on it.
  6. I currently own an Aaton LTR-7 with the Aaton mount installed. I've been offered by a local seller in my area for the Canon 8-64mm S16mm in PL and I'm wondering what's everyones opinions on some options. Option 1) Look into getting my Aaton converted to PL, though spending a fortune sending it overseas and getting it all done ($$$) Option 2) Look into getting the Canon lens converted from PL to Aaton. Is this a thing? Next part is I'm not sure of what's the tube part at the back of the lens. Here's the link: https://imgur.com/a/Dnlg0ww. I've never seen it on the 8-64mm before.
  7. Cheers David, I’ll pass this on Monday when he’s back working on it.
  8. My camera tech is saying the motor is running smoothly, I should edit that part out in the question. He said he's after a "0261221 core retainer shell "
  9. I've recently purchased a very old LTR-7 which requires a new motor/circuit board etc and I'm seeing if anyone can sell spare parts. I've got two magazines and a eye piece from an XTR-Prod so I'm all good with that part. It's more so the ground glass and motor region that needs help.
  10. Looking for Aaton batteries for my Aaton LTR-7. I have a old Aaton and the modern conversion batteries for NP-1 batteries would be a hassle.
  11. There's been multiple topics about designing a modern day S16mm camera and the cost/efforts. Tyler made a point that there shouldn't be a completely knew one but rather modify already existed versions out there. I don' t know this person and I assume they're not on this group either, but this film maker/engineer in Russia is taking the K-3 and completely making it into a modern day run and gun S16mm camera. There's talks a motor is coming soon to the design. You can check his instagram out and see the video assit in action All images can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/LXjFUl1
  12. So Rokinon Cine Xeen's would work on a Aaton LTR-7 with what adaptor? I currently have the Aaton mount
  13. I just picked up an Aaton LTR-7 and I highly recommend one. With your budget you could potentially get an LTR-54 or XTR... Great S16mm cameras and Aaton system works so well for single shooters.
  14. Yeah true, I could put small rods at the back and buy a mini V-lock battery to run the follow focus. The angle the image is taken on makes it look weird, it's just a regular LTR-7
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