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Charles Pickel

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Now undergoing overhaul service in my Seattle shop.

Regarding video assist: The camera is offered with Aaton "Option-R" video beam-spllitter optics installed, but no video tap unit. It is therefore ready to receive either a factory Aaton unit (one of which I have in stock) or an aftermarket solution from any number of 3rd parties.

USED (serviced) Aaton XTR Plus camera, Super-16, factory PL lens mount, Option-R video optics installed. NO VIDEO ASSIST UNIT INSTALLED. 1.66:1/TV viewing screen.
Included in package:
2-400' DX magazines
-Aaton wooden hand grip w/extension bracket
-Pair, 15mm thread-in support rods
-Cine Tech follow focus
-Chrosziel 4x4" matte box
-Media Logic digital speed control (.001fps increments; 6-40fps)
-Custom NP-1 Battery adapter w/aux power output (LEMO-6)
3X NP-1 13.2v batteries (new old stock, good working order)
1x Aaton 16v battery (new Ni-Cad cells 2019)
-PAG AR301 autoranging charger/analyzer 12-30vdc
-Power cable (4-pin XLR)
-Zeiss/Optex 12-120mm T2.4/PL S16 zoom lens in Arri bayonet mount w/Arri PL adatper
Package Price: USD$ 12,750.00
-Aaton VR-42 black & white SD (NTSC) video assist system. Installed: $ 650.00
>>> Not compatible with existing NP-1 adapter, but I can substitute another type
-Aaton 200mm viewfinder extension: $400.00
-Rain Cover for XTR : $ 85.00
-Additional 400'DX magazine: US $ 1250.00

-Preston Micro Force zoom control w/Heden servo motor,
   15mm swing-arm, Aaton compatible cable. Price: 1750.00

-Set high speed Illumina S16 primes: 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm, 50mm T1.3/PL. Fitted Case
  Designed for S16 format. Factory focus/iris gears, 80mm fronts, factory PL mounts.
 Price: $ 9500.00
-Set high speed Zeiss MK-I S16 primes: 9.5mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm T1.3/PL. Fitted Case
 Upgraded with hard PL mounts (not adapters), 80mm fronts, focus gears, custom lens caps.
Price: US$ 8000.00
-Canon 11.5-138mm T2.5/PL zoom lens. Canon 4x4 filter holder/sunshsade. support bracket.Fitted Case
 Price: $ 3600.00

I am open to limited discount packaging of optics & accessories. Let's discuss.
Looking forward to hearing from you and working out a package that meets your needs . More photos available on request.

Charles Pickel
Tel (206) 285-4776







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