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FS: PL mount Super 16 lenses! (1 x Cooke Varokinetal 10.4-52mm; 9mm & 12.5mm F1.5 Kinoptik)

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As title says, some Super16 lenses for sale.

The Cooke Varokinetal is just a simply incredible lens; as sharp as it gets especially with Super16. This is an original Super16 done by Cooke themselves from the factory, not a conversion.

Lens was serviced by Optitek about one year ago (an inner element had some haze and aperture was malfunctioning, Jacek cleaned it right up and brought everything back to spec, and of course did a standard CLA, along with conversion to PL mount and adding a 0.8 focus gear), and has not been used since servicing except to test it and play with it a bit.

Has Chrosziel Fluid Zoom damper attached on zoom ring.

Body isnt perfect, has the typical finish wear that comes with normal use, but who really cares about that?

Glass and coatings are purdy, and the image it puts out is just lovely. Some of the usual light cleaning marks on each, nothing of note.

Only thing it's missing is a front ring to bring the front to standard size for matte box...Ive used a janky setup with some rubber bands to allow my mattebox to work on it (seen in pictures). Mattebox not included; I'll leave the front OD ring up to the buyer to get, so they can have one done to their preference.

Price: $4500 USD




Kinoptik Primes:

Interesting little lenses. They have some aberrations wide open as is typical of tiny little fast aperture lenses of the period; but when stopped down to 2.8 and smaller, they sharpen up beautifully.

Flare on both is very well controlled, as is breathing...12.5mm has very little and the 9mm has NONE.

9mm F1.5 has focus tabs, 12.5mm doesn't, but I imagine the buyer will want to get focus gears anyway.

These things are just so damn small and light, they would make for great lenses for use with steadicam/gimbal.

The PL is mounts on each are simple adapter type, and they work just fine.

12.5mm has somewhat stiff focus ring, so it could use a CLA; 9mm rings turn smoothly.

$1100 for the 9mm,

$900 for the 12.5mm.











If you want all three lenses, the Cooke and both Kinoptiks, I'll do a package deal at $6,000 total.

All prices not including shipping/paypal fees.


Thanks for looking.

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Im curious about the cooke, how would you compare its sharpness to a canon or zeiss zoom? how is the breathing? I was also told that the cooke has superb lowlight performance, better than other zooms with faster tstops, did you experience this effect?

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@john a jadkowski

Zero breathing to speak of.

I had a Canon 10.8-180mm T2.7-3.4, Canon's 3rd and final generation of Super16 zooms, and while it was a stunningly good lens, the Cooke bested it in all departments except zoom range.

If I had to guess, sharpness is on par with the very-sharp Zeiss 11-110mm, but that lens has a lot of breathing and if I remember, also some chromatic aberration.

The Cooke has negligible levels of CA, no breathing, and stunning sharpness...over 100 line-pairs per mm. Stays quite sharp even to the edges.

Has that much-sought-after "Cooke Look" in spades...

It does very nicely wide open, just have to watch out for the flares (the usual, very beautiful and dramatic rainbow, etc. common in vintage Cookes)...the flares disappear with just a slight stop down, which is great...accessible when you want them, easy to get rid of when you don't by stopping down less than half a stop.

Stunning lens that doesn't come up for sale often...mainly because those that have them generally hold on to them long term due to their performance. Reluctant to get rid of mine, but need to offset some recent purchases and the repairs that will need to be done on them.

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