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  1. Set up to process 35mm b&w film, includes Nikkor 100' lightweight nesting tanks, 100' reel and motorized film loader, HFC rewinds, 35mm viewer. Also included, but not pictured, rollers and rack for drying (formerly at CFI lab.) All the equipment needed to process 35mm b&w in 100' rolls. Nesting tanks are light tight, but you would need a darkroom to use the film loader. contact me at kinocam@earthlink.net for pictures, more info
  2. Hi, sorry the ACL is no longer available.

  3. Eclair ACL Super 16 camera, 200" mag, 3 400ft mags, PL, Eclair, Arri SB fronts, cases. This is a 1.5, but has almost all the upgrades of an ACL II (grip, last Kinoptik finder), heavy duty motor with mirror stop in viewing position. Everything is in excellent condition, just CLA'd and all fronts checked for flange depth. Etched Super 16 ground glass. Quiet running. $5,500.00 pictures soon
  4. I have a Cameflex that will shoot 16mm, 2 perf 35 or 4 perf 35, w/crystal motor, turret w/eclair, Leica R, Arri steel bayonet, 18, 25, 28 Kinoptik lenses. Takes 5 minutes to convert to 2 perf. Anyone interested?
  5. Ronford's heaviest duty fluid head, with click stops for fluid drag on tilt and pan, a dial for spring tension. I think it's the best fluid head made for heavy camera-lens combinations. Roger Deakins uses one. Mine was recently overhauled by Ronford Baker. With case, zoom bracket, 2 lockdowns, 2 pan handles. $8,000
  6. Is this still available? What Firmware? Could you send me a photo with the unit turned on. How much clearance is there now that you've shortened the width? Enough to use the Klassen Slingshot? Could you measure the clearance? Thanks, Chris
  7. I would send your motor to AZ Spectrum in New York. That is where Visual Products sends their ACL motor repairs. He knows more about those motors than anyone else.
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