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Kinor 16 CX-1M & 2M English Manual available

Gareth Blackstock

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After stumbling across a very old version of the Kinor 16 CX-1M/2M Russian language user manual, I managed to use an online translation website to translate the manual to English.  Something I imagine has been sorely needed for a long time.  Hopefully the manual will assist in film makers feeling confident purchasing a Kinor 16mm  camera if they can learn about it's various functions.


English translation of the Kinor 16 CX-1M/2M user manual:



Russian Language version of the Kinor 16 CX-1M/2M user manual:



In the next week or so I will be adding a modern user manual with more pictures and information that is not covered in the original manual.


Cheers, Gareth

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Here is the link to a User Guide for the Kinor 16 CX.  There are some things in it that are not covered in the previously posted manuals, some info comes from the internet, and some comes from using the camera myself.  Either way I hope it is useful to someone, and I needed something to do while "locked down"


As always, if I have missed something, please send a PM and I can get onto it,



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