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  1. Gday, Thanks for the info, after chatting to the lab I reckon the best course of action is to expose each 5 foot length in camera, focused on a sample card, like your suggestion, in average light, ie 5.6 irrespective of ASA, or light the sample to get the same exposure, then load the lengths into light proof box and send it in processing. Its going to be quite process but I will get definite answers on my film stock. Thanks again, Gareth
  2. Hello, I am coming up to a decent sized project and I need to test my store of expired stock. I am intending on taking a few feet from each roll, exposing them in a uniform way, sealing them, and send them off to be processed. My big question is: how do I expose them all uniformly? Do I sit the lengths on a table in a dark room and let off a camera flash? Would that over expose the high ASA stock? The lab I use is a small one and I think they do not have facilities or space to do such a test. Normally I shoot 100 feet as a test and send it off to discern the condition of the stock I have remaining, but I have around 13 different film stocks and I suspect a few of them. I also accept there will be quality of image issues, but as the project is not a big budget one, we are happy to work with what we have. Any thoughts would be helpful... Cheers, gareth
  3. I have also added a section to my website detailing what I have discovered so far while tidying up my CP16. It is a work in progress, depending on how I go with the rest of it. http://canon-s8-repair.yolasite.com/cinema-products-cp-16r.php It might help when others who get hold of a camera are looking for info. The folks at Whitehouse Audio Visual are great! Pity I am not closer, I would be able to get them to service it! Cheers, Gareth
  4. G'day, well I finally fixed up and completed my Frankenstein battery bank, it's not pretty but works great. I have found a local seller who I can buy some nice tidy battery packs from, but seeing as i spent so much on my ones, I figure I better use them!
  5. Awesome, Thanks for that, the price is pretty good, I have emailed the seller asking about postage. I will upload an example picture later in the week of my Frankenstein attempt, it should scare lots of potential d.i.yer's cheers, Gareth
  6. Would it be possible for you to post a link to their website or similar? If they are cheap enough I might get some.... depends on postage too I guess. Cheers
  7. That looks awesome! How did you connect or solder the batteries so well? My attempt looks like Frankenstein's nightmare...
  8. here is a pic, it should come out o.k. I also checked behind the cover, almost always the earth lead will be bolted to the chasis, and hopefully coloured green... cheers, Gareth
  9. Well I had a look at the camera terminals, I will post the pic tomorrow, but the positive is the top, negative below if you are looking at the camera side on.
  10. I will take a pic of my terminals tomorrow night, I marked my battery box so I would remember which was which.
  11. How do you mean polarity? Which poles of the terminal on the camera body are positive and negative?
  12. Hello, I did look into using rechargeable hand tool batteries but the cost was still high, in Aussie anyway. For all the AA batteries I am using the CP charger. Have had no issues yet, I figure that as the charger originally had to charge 500ma nimh batteries, my ones are also NiMH and should not be an issue. If the little buggers explode this board will be the first to know!
  13. G'day, Regarding the battery set up, you might be better off purchasing 17 or 18 AA rechargeable batteries with solder tabs and connecting them in series, this will add up to the required voltage. They are pretty cheap and easy to solder together. The below link is an example of what I mean, you should find cheaper closer to you. Finding a decent battery pack thats almost 30 years old would be a fruitless search I reckon. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/1-2V-AA-2000mAH-Rechargeable-Ni-MH-Battery-Tag/254140098566?epid=1363746036&hash=item3b2bee2806:g:cLQAAOSwxS9cniaJ The only trouble is fitting all the batteries into the little plastic box once you have finished. I am going to just cut a large hole in the side of my plastic box so I can fit all the batteries in, I do not care about making the plastic box look perfect, rather it just functioned. If you can fit all the batteries into the little box you are better than me.. see how you go, gareth
  14. perhaps try these people too? I have used them many times are find their service to be reliable and professional. They are based in Melbourne, Australia. https://www.memorylabfilm.com/
  15. Hello, I must say I am keen on having a look, although considering the money I spent on the batteries I will try to get my money's worth. I tried to find the wall charger but it seems either already gone or too hard for me to find. Any chance you have a link? Cheers, Gareth
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