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For Sale: ARRI Alexa LF Camera Package


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I have an Alexa LF kit for sale that's in excellent condition. Includes:

Alexa LF Body with 202 hours
1 EVF Viewfinder
1 EVF Eyecup
1 EVF Extension Bracket 1 EVF Bracket VMB-3
1 Top Handle
1 Leveling Block
1 BP8-2
1 WA-1
1 Shoulder Pad
1 Arri LUT Library
1 SxR Adapter for Alexa
1 SxS Adapter for Alexa
4 SxR Capture Drives 2TB w/ Cases 1 SXR Card Reader Codex
1 Cable: Thunderbolt
1 Cable: Card Reader to AC Power 1 Cable: OSHA
1 SD Card 16GB
1 EVF Cables 2ft
1 EVF Cables 2.1ft
1 XLR 4pin Female to Fischer 2pin
1x Alexa LF to Ethernet
1x KC-20 Power Cable Camera 2pin to XLR 3pin
1 XLR 3pin to AC Power Box Cameo 1 OSHA Cable
1 Lens Adapter LPL to PL Mount 1 Set of Shims for PL Mount
1 Arri WVR-1 Rx
1 Arri MIA-1 Bracket
1 Cable: USB to Micro USB
1 Cable: Power Box to 3pin female
1 Cable: 2pin to Edison
10 Antenna Rx TX for Alexa LF & Receiver
1 Hard Case
1 FSND 0
1 FSND 0.3
1 FSND 0.6
1 FSND 0.9
1 FSND 1.2
1 FSND 1.5
1 FSND 1.8
1 FSND 2.1
1 FSND 2.4
1 Tool for Filter
1 DG-1 Depth Gauge Extender 1 Shim
1 Cleaning Cloth 16 Micro Shims
1 Hawk-Woods V-Mount 26v Battery Adapter

Price: $70,000 USD / £50,300 GBP

The kit is located in London, UK for pickup or I'm willing to ship.

Feel free to email me daniel@danielsilwerfeldt.com

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