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  1. Price drop $275,000. Two low offers I received but I believe $275K is the best deal you can find right now. I'm looking to get these sold before the New Year 🙂
  2. New Price: $280,000. Will be taking it off the market soon.
  3. Still available. Not willing to sell the lenses separately . Offers are welcome
  4. The set is still available. All reasonable offers are welcome! 🙂
  5. We have a Leitz Cine set of 5 if anyone is looking. 25, 35, 50, 75 and 100mm PL. We already have a full set of 12 and thought we would need the extra 25, 35, 50, 75, 100mm for a big project in October but the project was cancelled. The set was purchased this year in February new in box. Mint condition and they were attached to our cameras about 2-3 times for some testing. This set is amazing and it definitely has better performance than the Summilux-C’s. Price $290,000 USD (Payment will be converted into GBP) The lenses can be picked up in London or shipped. We still have the retail boxes and wrapping if you want them. The set will be in a case. Contact me daniel@danielsilwerfeldt.com (Will reply to emails in the order I receive them).
  6. I have a used Alexa Mini camera set available. Excellent condition 1839 Operating Hours Includes Wooden camera & PG Accessories. 4:3 & ARRIRAW Licenses are installed. Pics - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ALP7DT6CfLokFdrv6 (Everything you see in the pics is included.) Price is £25,900. The kit is located in London, UK for pickup or I'm willing to ship anywhere in the world. Feel free to email me daniel@danielsilwerfeldt.com
  7. It's still available. Willing to accept a reasonable offer.
  8. I have an Alexa LF kit for sale that's in excellent condition. Includes: Alexa LF Body with 202 hours 1 EVF Viewfinder 1 EVF Eyecup 1 EVF Extension Bracket 1 EVF Bracket VMB-3 1 Top Handle 1 Leveling Block 1 BP8-2 1 WA-1 1 Shoulder Pad 1 Arri LUT Library 1 SxR Adapter for Alexa 1 SxS Adapter for Alexa 4 SxR Capture Drives 2TB w/ Cases 1 SXR Card Reader Codex 1 Cable: Thunderbolt 1 Cable: Card Reader to AC Power 1 Cable: OSHA 1 SD Card 16GB 1 EVF Cables 2ft 1 EVF Cables 2.1ft 1 XLR 4pin Female to Fischer 2pin 1x Alexa LF to Ethernet 1x KC-20 Power Cable Camera 2pin to XLR 3pin AC POWER 1 XLR 3pin to AC Power Box Cameo 1 OSHA Cable PL LENS ADAPTER 1 Lens Adapter LPL to PL Mount 1 Set of Shims for PL Mount 1 Arri WVR-1 Rx 1 Arri MIA-1 Bracket 1 Cable: USB to Micro USB 1 Cable: Power Box to 3pin female 1 Cable: 2pin to Edison 10 Antenna Rx TX for Alexa LF & Receiver 1 Hard Case 1 FSND 0 1 FSND 0.3 1 FSND 0.6 1 FSND 0.9 1 FSND 1.2 1 FSND 1.5 1 FSND 1.8 1 FSND 2.1 1 FSND 2.4 1 Tool for Filter 1 DG-1 Depth Gauge Extender 1 Shim 1 Cleaning Cloth 16 Micro Shims 1 Hawk-Woods V-Mount 26v Battery Adapter Price: $70,000 USD / £50,300 GBP The kit is located in London, UK for pickup or I'm willing to ship. Feel free to email me daniel@danielsilwerfeldt.com
  9. Selling my Lomo OPF-7 zoom lens 25-250mm or 50-500mm with anamorphic back. Its in OCT-19 original mount. Its in good condition clean glass. smooth zoom, iris, focus. No fungus... Here are som pictures https://plus.google.com/photos/105985738565605890075/albums/6021321374566975873?authkey=CLWXovS8vayEfw Price is 1950 euros I´m based in sweden.
  10. Selling my used LOMO Anamorphic zoom 35OPF18-1A 20-120mm with anamorphic adapter (back) which makes it a 40-240mm T3.4 anamorphic monster. Its one of the last Lomo Zooms and higly regarded as one of the best. It can match the Lomo roundfronts primes.. Used but glass is clean and zoom and focus is smooth. Will be shipped in wooden box. Its still in original OCT-19 mount but can be made into PL or use an adapter RED, Micro 4/3, Sony and others are available.. I can send pic´s if interested. My price 2000 euros Located in Sweden read more about it here http://www.cinematography.com/index.php?showtopic=36871
  11. Hmm I can´t seem to edit my post so the new price is 2400 euros. Cheers
  12. This is still for sale. The last person didn´t go through with they buy even though I held it for him for 6 months..... I also lowered the price.
  13. Selling my Iscorama 54 MC 1.5x Anamorphic adapter together with a Lens clamp made by Redstan. I actually bought this Iscorama by redstan and he saved it from Nasa.. they used them to Shoot Anamorphic footage so it would propably been destroyed if it wasn´t for him. Its in prestine condition silky smooth and the sharpest anamorphic lens I´ve seen. Like new! Set your taking lens to infinity and just focus on you iscorama. this is the holy grail of Anamorphic adapters. Price: 3000 euros PM me if you want pic´s or any more info
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