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  1. Selling my Lomo OPF-7 zoom lens 25-250mm or 50-500mm with anamorphic back. Its in OCT-19 original mount. Its in good condition clean glass. smooth zoom, iris, focus. No fungus... Here are som pictures https://plus.google.com/photos/105985738565605890075/albums/6021321374566975873?authkey=CLWXovS8vayEfw Price is 1950 euros I´m based in sweden.
  2. Selling my used LOMO Anamorphic zoom 35OPF18-1A 20-120mm with anamorphic adapter (back) which makes it a 40-240mm T3.4 anamorphic monster. Its one of the last Lomo Zooms and higly regarded as one of the best. It can match the Lomo roundfronts primes.. Used but glass is clean and zoom and focus is smooth. Will be shipped in wooden box. Its still in original OCT-19 mount but can be made into PL or use an adapter RED, Micro 4/3, Sony and others are available.. I can send pic´s if interested. My price 2000 euros Located in Sweden read more about it here http://www.cinema
  3. Hmm I can´t seem to edit my post so the new price is 2400 euros. Cheers
  4. This is still for sale. The last person didn´t go through with they buy even though I held it for him for 6 months..... I also lowered the price.
  5. Selling my Iscorama 54 MC 1.5x Anamorphic adapter together with a Lens clamp made by Redstan. I actually bought this Iscorama by redstan and he saved it from Nasa.. they used them to Shoot Anamorphic footage so it would propably been destroyed if it wasn´t for him. Its in prestine condition silky smooth and the sharpest anamorphic lens I´ve seen. Like new! Set your taking lens to infinity and just focus on you iscorama. this is the holy grail of Anamorphic adapters. Price: 3000 euros PM me if you want pic´s or any more info
  6. Selling my beloved Boles H16 Rex 4 super16 modified by JK Camera with the 13x Viewfinder. It works perfect and is in very good shape. I´m the second owner! The variable shutter is a bit loose. I have never used that and I guess its an easy fix... I also have Tobin TTL Time lapse motor and TXM-20BA Crystal Sync motor for it. Price Bolex camera 900 euros Tobin TTL 350 euros Tobin Crystal Sync Motor 300 euros All gear is in Sweden (within EU) Just PM me if you need photos or more info.
  7. I got an Bolex H16 Super 16 with c-mount. Bolex Declic handle and Zoom lenses. If your interested I can send you some photos of it. Cheers Daniel
  8. I´m currently working on a 3D animated (non sterescopic) movie. I´m doing Comp/grading and VFX. Alot of the background are mattepaints and we paint alot over the 3D. Since we are having alot of static shots and don´t like the digital look when nothing happens in the pictures even though the mattepaints are great we gonna have a dull picture when shown in digital theatres. The 35mm will propably lokk much more "alive". We are trying some stuff digitally - add grain, subtle camera shakes (mimic moving film), some small flickering and more. (we do alot with the grading and glows to take
  9. Selling my Canon 5D Mark II that heva been sent to Steve Morton (www.cinemods.com) and have been "gutted" (mirror taken out and more) and now have either the EOS mount or OCT-19 Mount. See more on http://cinemods.com/ Camera and mounts are only tested and not used in any production and have never been rented out or anything... I have used it together with lomo Anamorphic´s both Square and Roundfronts (35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 80mm, 100mm..). (I have sold most of my Lomo anamorphic´s and have only a 75mm Roundfront left!) I can send photos if youre interested Price: 2800$ US / 2000 Eu
  10. The 75mm is still for sale! Nobody wants a very nice 75mm anamorphic?
  11. Set of Square fronts are sold and the 50mm Roundfront is sold. The 75mm Roundfront is still for sale!
  12. The Lomo Square Fronts are sold.. Sale is pending. The Round fronts are still for sale!
  13. Lomo Round front Anamorphic lenses: 50mm BAC22-2 T2.4 ser 85001 75mm BAC23-2 T2.4 ser 82003 3000$ each Lomo Square Front Set 35mm bac10-2-01 F2.5 ser 810041 50mm bac4-16-01 F2.0 ser 760039 80mm bac4-15-01 F2.0 ser 760017 4500$ for the set All lenses are in OCT-19 mount, have Arri pitch focus gears. Glasses are clean and Focus, Iris is smooth. Lenses are in Sweden. See pics in album below. Lomo Pic´s Album Pm me or send mail directly to daniel@frankvfx.com Cheers Daniel
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