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Bolex H16 Rex 5 front focus issue

Alexander Draheim

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Hi! We just tested our Bolex Rex 5 (Super 16 Conversion by Les Bosher) with the Angenieux 9.5-57 (which isn't shimmed correctly as you can see when zooming but that should be of importance) and the Switar 10mm RX, 25mm RX and 75mm lenses. Focusing was done using the viewfinder (which was set up correctly focusing on the grain). But as it turns out. Basically all the footage is out of focus. The focus point seems to be more in the front. Does anyone know where the issue may be? We have a shoot coming up in the next weeks and don't really know what do do right now.
(the full test can be seen here https://www.dropbox.com/t/zwCDzLkwzcnU7hiL)
Many Thanks in advance 
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I'm not going to download that enormous file, but if you are certain that the eyepiece was correctly set for the operator, you only focused by eye, and there was no obvious mistake made like leaving out the pressure plate, then the camera settings are out of tolerance. It needs to be checked and re-set by a Bolex technician. 

I'm assuming this is the first film test since the camera was converted. If not and it has worked OK since the conversion I would shoot a second test to make sure operator error wasn't involved, since it is unlikely for camera settings to go out of tolerance without camera disassembly.

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