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WTB: Cameflex CM3 w/ Crystal Sync Motor, M42 Mount, and 2/3 400' Mags

Adam Guzik

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Hey, folks!

Want to nab an MOS 35mm cam sometime later this year, maybe mid-fall to early winter or even the start of next year, and I'm looking at the Cameflex CM3 as a contender.

I'm hoping to get a CM3 with a crystal sync motor, at least one M42 mount, and 2 or 3 400' mags, with all the necessary batteries and cables needed to run it and the body and mags in good working order.  Mainly looking at the Cameflex for its semi-compact size, ability to do 48 fps, and multiple lens turret design.

Budget is going to be $3.5K USD - $4.5K USD.  If anybody knows anyone who is willing to part with theirs for that price, with all the above goodies, that would be awesome.  I am also totally willing to fork over more to get it maintained and tuned up before I'd receive it.  

I am also happy to hear other suggestions for cams that fit the bill.  

Thanks so much, folks!



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Dear Adam, I've got a late model CM3 with M42 Mount coming up for sale but it doesn't have a synch motor. AZ Spectrum in NYC might have one as they do conversions. I can supply it with 2 35mm Mags. It comes with a 24V DC motor, cables and an upconverter so that you can run it off the D-tap on a standard V-Lock Battery.

Should be ready in a couple of week if you're interested?




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