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  1. It's just been sold. I have a Standard 16/35 with 16mm and 35mm mags coming up if anyone is interested? Should be ready in a couple of weeks. I'll post pictures and video when it's ready to ship. Cheers
  2. I have a working Cameflex Standard 35 for sale. Unusual as it is Gold in colour. Comes with Cameflex Type 24 6VDC variable speed motor, Camelfex to 3 pin XLR Power Lead, Kinoptik Viewfinder, 35mm Magazine. It has 2 Cameflex and 1 Nikon Mount. It has very smooth action and has an Alex Georgiou signature base plate. So it looks like he set the camera up. The mirror is bright and clean. Will need a service at either Visual Products in US or Les Bosher in UK or you can do it yourself. Please note that this one can't run 16mm, it only runs 35mm You can see it running here: https://youtu.be/UUP5Ay0WM7w £1250.00 excluding shipping.
  3. I know someone who has an Alex Georgiou built BLDC that is very accurate. He used variable transistors to tune the motor. The tests we ran on it were spot on with no variation in the motor speed. He had several to run the motor at set frame rates. I'm in the next part of the design phase so once I've got the new prints we can start testing out accuracy etc.
  4. Nice idea about CNC and precision engineering but that route is prohibitively expensive for me. My starting point was always to find the cheapest method to make a synch motor. I have a few old motors that are completely dead and it'll cost more to get a single one up and running than creating several new ones from scratch. Currently the 24vdc BLDC motor with 0.025 Nm torque and controller are around £50. I can get the printing done fairly cheaply as well. I'll upload more video in the coming months. I'm working with a 3D designer who is working on a complete solution that I'll get printed in the new year. Cheers
  5. Just got my first modern motor test up and running. I'm using 3D printed parts and low price BLDC with Hall motors and controllers. The drive mechanism is from a broken Type 40 motor. This is my test from this morning: https://youtu.be/Cx3mxYUKj3s Should have a completed unit ready in late January. If anyone has any non working motors I'll be interested in buying the drive mechanisms to make some more Synch motors. Enjoy. Marek
  6. They've all been sold now but I have another couple coming up in the next month or so if anyone is interested. Cheers Marek
  7. Here are another of picture for anyone that's interested:
  8. Just finished refurbishing some Cameflex's. They are all working and come with working motors and magazines. They also come with Printed Manuals (Converted Eclair and BBC Engineering). CM3 is in near perfect condition. Cameflex 1 CM3 (configured for 16mm with 16mm mag, Type 24 6VDC motor, step down voltage converter) £1500.00 Cameflex 2 16/35 Standard (35mm mag, Type 24 6VDC motor, step down voltage converter) £1250.00 Cameflex 3 16/35 Standard (Cosmetically not as nice as the others but smoothest action of the lot 35mm mag, Rank Shunt 12VDC motor, step down voltage converter) ) £1000.00 Cameflex 4 16/35 Camerette (US version, all leads, converted motor, 1x Nikon Mount, Type 24 6VDC motor, step down voltage converter and Standard V-Lock Battery) ) £1250.00 Cameflex 5 16/35 Standard (for spares or repair, missing parts, non working motor, stiff action) £250.00 Shipping and insurance extra. They'll be going up on eBay in a week or two but if anyone here is interested please get in touch and I'll send photos etc. Here's the CM3 Cheers
  9. Seems that the motor wasn't working so I'll be including a 6V DC Type 24 motor. Should be up on eBay in a a few weeks. Cheers
  10. Dear Adam, I've got a late model CM3 with M42 Mount coming up for sale but it doesn't have a synch motor. AZ Spectrum in NYC might have one as they do conversions. I can supply it with 2 35mm Mags. It comes with a 24V DC motor, cables and an upconverter so that you can run it off the D-tap on a standard V-Lock Battery. Should be ready in a couple of week if you're interested? Cheers
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