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  1. Seems that the motor wasn't working so I'll be including a 6V DC Type 24 motor. Should be up on eBay in a a few weeks. Cheers
  2. Dear Adam, I've got a late model CM3 with M42 Mount coming up for sale but it doesn't have a synch motor. AZ Spectrum in NYC might have one as they do conversions. I can supply it with 2 35mm Mags. It comes with a 24V DC motor, cables and an upconverter so that you can run it off the D-tap on a standard V-Lock Battery. Should be ready in a couple of week if you're interested? Cheers
  3. I sold a full kit recently and the people that bought it are selling the motor on it's own. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/294207846612 You could buy it or I'll have another one for sale soon if you are interested? I didn't realise that they were worth so much money in running condition. They used my photos as well. So you can see the full picture and my kitchen table. Cheers
  4. Chris. I'm very interested if you want to sell it.
  5. Just one last thing. I've managed to track a 2perf converted one in London. I'm going to visit the guy who has it to pick up some spares. He suggest that we have a look at the conversion with a view to trying to emulate it. If he indeed has one and I can figure out what the modifications are I'll try to give it a go and be in touch once I've got one up and running. I'm still on the hunt for an original Cameflex one as from my understanding it could be switched from 2perf to 4 perf easily? I remember seeing some original Cameflex literature that mentioned it but can't remember where now. I think it was available as a modification in very late models after Harry Saltzman bought the company back in the 70's.
  6. Looks like it's in good condition for its age. What kind of price are they asking for? The main thing to check is if it is a CM3T which was the Cameflex original version or whether it has been converted. The was a guy in the UK converting them a while back. They are fairly easy to maintain and make sure that the mechanism turns easily. I use sewing machine oil to lubricate mine. Working motors are available on eBay quite regularly: https://www.ebay.fr/itm/Moteur-pour-camera-Cameflex-35-type-N40-n-118/313374343934?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160908105057%26meid%3D2756c27f8e4d493d9083ca277f409be7%26pid%3D100675%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D15%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D114625031859%26itm%3D313374343934%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100675.m4236&_trkparms=pageci%3A544b4198-5745-11eb-a032-72c194f49951|parentrq%3A06a30a1f1770acc6ecd7f57affd0bf3d|iid%3A1 This is a fair price for a working version. Been looking for one myself for a while but they don't come up frequently. The ones on eBay at the moment are a bit expensive and some are very low quality. Other things to look lout for are alternative lens mounts. Quite a few were converted to take Nikon or M42 Stills lenses. Eyepiece brackets are quite easy to break so be careful. I'm in the process of remanufacturing a modified version of the bracket I've been working on for a while. You can get Cameflex motors converted to run synch by a guy in New York but he'll only convert the late model Perfectone motors. He's a nice guy and worth getting in touch with if you have a Perfectone motor and want it converted. However, audio recording may be a problem as the camera is incredibly loud. Hope that helps.
  7. Looking for a working or non-work Techniscope CM3. No-working is preferable. Thanks
  8. Hello Boris, Sorry about the late reply. Seems that they are fully working GV-35 motors made by Eclair. Not sure if they'll fit a GV-16 as the GV-35 motor is on the other side of the camera. If you want a look two of them are currently on sale on eBay. I've posted videos of them running: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_VktpBTz7Q https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfQuxe-jAoY
  9. Here's something crazy. I've been wracking my brains trying to solve the problem with the Perfectone motor. It turned out not to be transistors, capacitors or diodes. It was a piece of dirt underneath one of the contacts on the synch pulse generator. Just got it up and running Adam very happy. Apart from buying a bunch of components that I don't need now. So, now I've got the motor running I'd be interested to hear your thoughts about using the synch signal to provide reference to a speed controller. I found some photos a while back that showed a Perfectone motor controller that I assume was their version of a crystal lock mechanism. My friend in Switzerland managed to track down someone from Perfectone. Once I've had a word with him I'll let you know what their solution was. Cheers
  10. GV-16 has a 27vdc motor. I have three working ones if you're still interested? I run them off 3 PP3 Batteries hooked up in series to make the 27v. It's a really cheap way of testing them.
  11. I set the multimeter to 2K resistance. Same thing happened today, plugged it in, switched it on, nothing happened. When I connected the multimeter to the two ends of the capacitor the motor started running. I didn't let it run for more than a second as I was using a V-lock battery that's rated just under 14vdc and the motor is rated 12vdc. The only thing I know about this motor is that they were for sale in the Cameflex Brochure back in 1971. So I reckon it's 50 years old. There's also a Motorola Transistor 2N 1557 5.36 but I can't see one in the diagram. I also got three old Camematic motors up and running using 3 PP3 Batteries in series to make 27v. They all seem to run fine as they don't have any of the circuitry of the Perfectone.
  12. I would assume that "bridging it" is a more precise term. I forgot to unplug the motor and whilst I tried using a multimeter to see if it was working. I knew power was coming in but not reaching the brushes and was trying to wok my way back. I couldn't fin a schematic on the internet so I looked at the closest model to it which would have been a Perfectone NPR Motor. I gave it some thought and wondered if the circuit was a similar design. The switching seems the same and it contains so identical parts like the OC 30 transistor so I guessed that they may be similar. There's a 0.66uF capacitor in this diagram and maybe the 0.22uF one in my motor had a similar function? That's about the limit to my understanding of circuits:
  13. That's interesting. When I bypassed it the motor started running? What's it used for?
  14. Aapo, Sorry to bother you but I think you may be able to help me? I managed to get one the motors running that I go from eBay. I think I've identified it as a 12vdc Perfectone that runs at a constant speed. It has a synch pulse output which I think is similar to the some of the NPR motors. Not sure how fast it runs yet. However I got it running by accident when I by passed what I think is a capacitor. It's marked up as .22/300 B32 226. I think it's a Siemens. Could you suggest a replacement as I have no idea where to begin or how to identify what spec it is? Cheers Marek
  15. PID. Thanks for that I'll be going down that route in parallel to the BLDC motor controller and Arduino as it's much smaller than the PID H bridge I've come across. However it's a really cheap price which is what I was after initially.
  16. Don't think they're the ones you were looking at. Two of them are 24V DC and one of those is a 16fps Rank Shunt Motor. There's one for sale on eBay at the moment in New Zealand. The other is a 27V AC Kinotechnique one. No idea where to get at 27V ac power source. It may be that it's use for single frame operation. The Camematic motors are fairly unique. One even has a speedometer built into it, same as the one on a CM3. Looking to see if they all work and if they can also be modified for Cameflex use. If not, they'll be back on eBay in a couple of days. I'll see if I can get ll the others working and thenI'll sell the Type 24's in due course.
  17. I'm still interested but looking for the cheapest solution possible. Currently working with a $10 BLDC with Hall, a $4 motor controller and a small Arduino. I can run the motor and control it from the Arduino. I just need to spend a bit more time on that as I'm currently preparing a couple of Cameflex CM3's to sell on eBay in about a month. Once I've done that I'll be back on the motors. All this is predominantly to shoot my own stuff. I'm also going to mill up some aluminium bobbins for my 100' mags. If there's any interest I might make a few for sale. I recently got a 100' mag with an original plastic bobbin so it'll be a direct copy. Also sorting out milling up a shaft to adapt the 100' Cameflex mag to accept 100' Daylight Loading spools. Oh, and also milling a motor body out of aluminium in the style of the Type 24 motors that will be around the same size as the original but with the extra electronics inside. Then when I'm finished with all that I'll be looking to convert my other CM3's to Techniscope. I think I've figured out a way but need to work on the gearing of the magazine for the 2 perf pull down. It's a very simple idea and just requires some minor modifications and it should work a treat. Awaiting delivery of bunch of Camematic and Cameflex motors I found on eBay. Mostly 24v but I'll see what I can do with those when they arrive. So, I may have some Type 24's for sale soon as well. I'll keep you posted as to my progress.
  18. Aapo, I'm interested in everything that you're talking about. How I've progressed is that I have a couple of BLDC Hall censored motors that I got from eBay for £10. I got some motor controllers from Amazon for £4. Wired them up and got them to work. I also got a Arduino mini that can control the motors. Got all of that to work using Youtube videos as a starting point. I then found a bit of existing code that measures the speed of the motor accurately. So, all I've got to do now is figure out how to use the motor speed information and loop it back into controlling the motor for my desired speed. I've also managed to find a place called Backspace which has a lathe and milling machine so I'm going to try my hand at replicating the Cameflex motor with a couple of modifications. Unfortunately the space is close until virus time stops. I also managed to get a couple of Cameflex 6v Type 24 motors to run but am still trying to work out why they only work intermittently. I'll upload some photos in due course. p.s. I saw one of your 35mm black and white tests on Youtube. Looked really lovely. Nice one. Cheers Marek
  19. Looking for standard Cameflex motors to buy. Working or not. Also interested Perfectone with Cameflex fittings. Thanks
  20. Great video. You must be so pleased that's it's working. I haven't had a chance to work on mine yet. I'll post a video on Youtube when I sort it out. Well done. Cheers
  21. Excellent news. Did you use your AtTiny85 microcontroller system? Did you also use the code that Friedermann wrote? I'm still going down the route of Arduino running a controller I bought off eBay for a few quid. Haven't had the time to delve into it further as I've been working on the cameras which are almost done. I have a couple of Cameflex motors that I need to put together. Once that's done then I'll look into controlling them with the Arduino set up. I'm still looking into upgrading at least one of the motors to brushless and fitting the upgraded parts into an original Cameflex motor body. I think it's possible and will post photos when I've got it up and running.
  22. Hello, I'm starting a new thread which is picking up on Appo's Synch motors thread from a while back. Whilst I would like to run a Cameflex motor with a crystal controller I have decided to make something that works with easily sourced components. My sorting point will be to adapt the casing from the Cameflex motor but inside install a bushels DC motor with and in built Hall sensor. This would then be controlled by and Arduino chip to give the motor a synch source. Does anyone have experience with Brushless DC motors and controlling them via Arduino or ready built Brushless DC motor controllers? I'm currently rebuilding a couple of CM3's and have several components that would fit the bill for upgrading. Anyone interested or have any technical advice?
  23. I have an old working Arduino chip so it might be worth trying to use that. I'll have a look at some of the Arduino sites to see if there's any similar pre-programmed stuff that I can modify. Hall Effect Sensors are fairly easy to get so I can build a test model to start with and see where I get.
  24. That's the exact motor I've got. I have another one that is completely in pieces so I could use that one to modify and test. Looks like I'll be working on this as you've given me an excellent place to start. The thing that I'd change from the outset is the need for frequency dividers. 25fps is my main goal. I'll let you know how I get on and ask for help when I come across an insurmountable problem. Thank you so much for the detailed photos. They're a great help. Kind regards Marek
  25. Hello, Apologies for being so late to the party. Just purchased a Cameflex CM3 and would be looking to have crystal locked 25 fps. I've done a bit od soldering in my time and would be interested in building my own controller with the necessary information. However, as I'm not too technical and unable to write code I would be looking for a fairly simple solution. I have also been looking into modified Synch Motors for Bolex but don't know if they have enough torque to do the job on a CM3. AZ-Spectrum seem to have this: http://www.az-spectrum.com/Eclair_CM3.html but as yet they have been back with a price. What caught my eye was this: http://www.az-spectrum.com/bolex_cr.html. I imagine that it would be quite pricey as well. I would rather do it myself as if I know how it works I'll also know how to fix it if it goes wrong. Can you help?
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