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Internet Archive's homemade book scanner is pretty impressive

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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Photos: Internet Archive


The overhead glass comes down and presses the book flat, but on an angle and not a 180. Then it take 2 photos...one of each page.

I have been working as an informal volunteer for the I.A. for 7 + years. Over that time I've donated over a hundred thousand items to their collection. Some of it very rare. I had asked them if they could help buy me a cheap cine’ sound film scanner. I have about a million feet of film on roughly 1,100 reels that need scanning. The Internet Archive could also get the digital output donated from it. They would not give me a penny towards buying a scanner…actually they pester me all the time to give them money. 

Since I finished the eBay Adult Only Archive project I've got back into flat bed scanning. (The eBay project ended up as 28,000+ screen shots and photos.) In a few weeks I will be bored with flat bed scanning and will get out my Retroscan cine' scanner. I got a fantastic 16mm sound film from the late 40's / early 50's called 'One Enchanted Evening' to scan. It will make a good project for the AEO Light optical sound extracting software. As of yet I've only tested AEO Light but have not done any films with it. I will have to go the distance with AEO Light and 'One Enchanted Evening' will be a good film to do it with for my AEO Light debut. 

If it works out I will send in a copy for your perusal. But it won't fly on YouTube and scared to try with Vimeo. Surprisingly Vimeo had taken a super rare hardcore 1920s film called the 3 Graces I submitted. But they banned me a few weeks after I sent it in. I complained and they reinstated the film and my account. But all the links I used for my account were dead after that and had to be redone. So it is not worth the hassle with them.


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