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BMPCC 4k, 6k, Ursa 12k Natural Rec709 LUT for Gen 5 Color Science - NEW

Bulent Ozdemir

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What's New?

This is a brand new Natural Rec709 conversion LUT that I've created specifically for the Gen 5 Color Science as requested by fellow filmmakers. Humbled that so many put in a request after the success of the original P4K LUT and BMD OG Rec709 LUT.

Thank you.


LUT Features

  • ALL NEW Kodak Vision 2 Cine Curve *
  • softer highlight roll-off
  • preserved shadow detail
  • balanced saturation
  • organic (camera) colors

*Not a mathematically accurate film response curve. More an obsessive compulsive interpretation on my part based on analysis of numerous film chart data.


Download Page: https://bulentfilms.yolasite.com/ (Scroll down to Blackmagic Camera LUTs)

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  • 10 months later...

ALL Blackmagic Rec709 LUTs byBoz™ are now unified and share the exact same stem structure.


Small color adjustment for "truer reds" and tweaked film curve response for max detail retention and FULL Dynamic Range usage across ALL color science settings (excluding blown out highlights).

LUT download page below.


Download HERE: https://blackmagic-luts.yolasite.com/

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