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A young Chuck Close in his studio

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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I've been cleaning out 60gb of 'stuff' squirreled away for the last 7 years. Almost done organizing it. Tonight I found this photo of Chuck Close in his studio by Lenore Seroka in the hoard .

I first became aware of the late Chuck Close ages ago when I saw him on an early PBS show called Art:21. He was a very talented artist working in the photo realist style. Even after he became crippled up he would still produce fantastic stuff, maybe producing more art crippled than not crippled, don't know for sure. 


But sadly, TFPTB put him on the sht list after he told one of his models she had a delicious looking "privates."  Well, after that Close was cancelled. Poor Close couldn't admire a gals privates and comment on how good they looked from his wheelchair. Now the art world debated whether to take his art down and they cancelled some of his upcoming shows. 

Close was very prolific...do a Google image search of his art if interested.



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Here is an article about Close and his 'sex' problems. Apparently it was much worse than a time or two. 


Here is the thing.

You either divorce the personality from the art or you lump it all together to not look at the art objectively. In the real world it takes the whole of the artist's life experience to produce what they produce. I got no problem divorcing the two. 


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