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Duarte Domingos

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The camera is perfectly operational

I know camera is capable of 80fps MAX but I never tried, is scares me a little, Maximum frame rate I had done was 50fps.

After 30fps you need 2 12v batteries, camera only capable that high frame rates with 24v

Camera works well with any kind of v-lock batteries


I had shot many stuff during this last 3 years I had the camera, never fail me

If the lens is properly collimated, all the mesures make sense on the camera.



  • Arriflex 2C 4-perf
  • Cinematography electronics Crystal Motor (80fps MAX)
  • Jurgens Door videotap (Analog) possible to upgrade for a digital HD indicam videotap)
  • 2x SL Cine Steadicam 400ft Mags
  • 1x Film Gate Full frame (Instaled on camera)
  • 1x Film Gate Full frame (Spare one)
  • 1x Film Gate 1:1.66
  • 1x Film Gate 1:1.85
  • 1x Film Gate 1:2.35
  • 1x Ground Glass Full Frame (Installed on camera)
  • 1x Ground Glass 2.35 Anamorphic
  • 1x Ground Glass 2.35 Super 35
  • 1x Ground Glass 1:1.85 Super 35
  • 1x Ground Glass 1:1.66
  • 1x Ground Glass 1:1.33 TV-Safe
  • 1x PL Mount (On camera)
  • 1x PL Mount (Extra)
  • 1x PV mount
  • 1x BNCR Mount
  • 1x Bayonet Mount
  • 1x Smallrig TOP Handle with 15mm rods
  • 1x V-Lock battery Plate
  • 2x Dtap - 4pin XLR power cable
  • 5x 4pin XLR power cables
  • 1x Base Plate
  • 1x Sliding Plate
  • 1x Fisher to Hirose  (Video tap power cable)
  • Manuals from Cinematography Electronics, videotap camera
  • A Few eyepiece cushions
  • 1x Cinematography Electronics Intrevalometer + Cable
  • 1x Follow Focus
  • 1x Cana Trans analog video emiter (can sync wireless with VHF frequencies, Analog TVs)






Duarte Domingos

+351 916843672


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