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Kinoptik 12.5 focusing question

Adriano Cimino

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Hi everybody,

I have an occasion on buying an old Kinoptik 12.5 Grand-Angle Special. It is in Arri Std mount and I'd like to adapt it to a Leicina Special via the original Leitz adapter for these lenses. This adapter is the three-screws type, screws which hold on the barrel slot; but it has not the pin to block the back of the objective. So it is not good, for example, for Kinetals and any other lens which has the back barrel rotating when focusing.

Does anybody knows if the lens in question has the focus barrel independent from the back cylinder, or not?

Thank you.

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to whom it may interest: I bought the lens eventually, and the focusing ring is mobile (i.e. as recent cinegons, not as kinetals), being just a bit stiff on its first rounds.

Now I've one more question about this lens: does anybody know what's its filter size? It measure AROUND 44 mm, but I've not tried a proper 44 ring yet, and I wonder if it might be a strange/old thread, instead.

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