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  1. Hi, as there are many variations on that camera, could you perhaps show any picture of the actual item? Cheers.
  2. I was not meant - not at all - to service them by myself ! Thanks for the reply.
  3. Hello, as a general question (from a non-experienced guy, as I am), which one is the camera that need technical assistance more often? Something I read about Aatons, that they need a proper vacuum lubricance, keeps me thinking an Arri would be cheaper to mantain over the time - save it has more available spare parts. But, since both need CLA from time to time, which is the actual need of it, between the two, or even among older, more affordable alternatives?
  4. The seller assured he tried with a Xenon 16mm and it fits, the deepness being aroud 35 mm. My aim is to have a discrete variety of focal lenghts, to cut with old Schneider primes' look. For keeping it cheap, I thougt to double some of them with the extender. Frankly, do you think is this latter the better solution, or to use some - adapted - Minolta Rokkor lenses instead? (please excuse me for bouncing into the main discussion!)
  5. Thank you for the tip. I sent an email to the seller, if he can measure it for me.
  6. Hello, on the same issue, I have a question about this accessory: http://www.ebay.it/itm/Astro-Siriar-2x-Converter-16mm-Arri-Arriflex-Bolex-Beaulieu-/201019569249?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_77&hash=item2ecdb33461 is this another focal extender? does anybody have experience with this, so to tell if could it be used with Schneider old primes (cinegon 10 and 16, cine-xenon 25) with a protruding back? generally, is the image obtained with a combination of a prime lens and a converter better than an image obtained with a zoom lens? Thank you for any help.
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