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Braun Nizo 156 XL-does it recognize tungsten film?

Habib Beh

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Hello, does anyone know if the Braun Nizo 156XL is able to tell the difference between tungsten vs daylight cartridges? Just curious if it’ll automatically remove filter out of the way when using daylight film and vice versa? According to the manual these are the film speeds/types the camera recognizes:

40 and 160 ASA [17 and 23 DIN] with artificial light colour film

25 and 100 ASA [15 and 21 DIN] with daylight colour film

40 and 160 ASA [17 and 23 DIN] with black and white film

Judging from the text above it appears that the camera does recognize the difference between daylight and tungsten film…but just wanted to be absolutely sure, as there is a button on the camera to manually engage/remove filter. Not sure if I need to manually engage/disengage the filter before shooting…

Would appreciate any guidance/help

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Usually there is a filter pin inside the camera. If there is one present it should disengage the #85 filter when a daylight cart is inserted. For example, if your shooting with the new Ekachrome color reversal, and insert the cart the pin, if present, will push the filter out. You can experiment by looking through the lens, and push the pin at the same time. 

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