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  1. I've shot about 6 rolls of the new Ektachrome and can tell you that this stock will handle overexposure just fine. It's rated at 100 ASA but seems to meter better at 80 ASA. Other's are starting to use this approach from my readings online. My rule has been to open up 1 full stop on cloudy days, or in shaded areas, and a 1/2 stop on bright sunny days. My results have been excellent!
  2. Nick what meter setting would I choose for Ektachrome 7294 if I wanted to shoot it at 80 ASA instead of 100 ASA? Is that only a 1/3 of a stop? So let's say I have a meter reading of 8 would I then increase halfway between 8 and 5.6? As you know I've been shooting 7294 with 1 stop more light and it seems to look fine projected. Thanks! PS: I just purchased a Canon 514XL and I am waiting for it to be delivered. I am excited to see how this camera handles the new 7294.
  3. Thanks Harald for the recommendations!
  4. So my go-to camera for the last few years has been the Elmo Super 110. It's a great running and very quiet camera. However I wish it had an exposure compensation like my Eumig Viennette 8 has. That camera doesn't work well anymore. It has a feature that allows you to adjust the auto-exposure plus or minus 1/2 to 1 stop. There's a small red slider switch that you can activate under the body of the camera. My question is are there are Super 8 cameras with this feature? I'm looking for a camera that won't break the bank but give me sharp images, and the ability to have this feature as mentioned. Thanks!
  5. Yes I've shot about 5 rolls of the new Ektachrome 7294 and love it! The colors, contrast, sharpness, and latitude are very good. Projected this film is amazing! I've had to add a bit more light though to really make this stock shine. At least 1 stop in my case seems to work.
  6. The new Ektachrome 100D is less sensitive and can handle overexposure quite well. In fact it's best to overexpose this stock by 1 stop. I get good results by doing this. As mentioned earlier in this thread 80 ASA is a good bet for this stock. A ND filter is a must on sunny days. Projected this stock looks amazing!
  7. A Bolex 18-5L Super with Osram HLX 75 watt bulb with plenty of light. And I also have a Elmo FP8-C with a 150 watt halogen bulb. I have both projectors fitted with Bolex "hifi" prime lenses 1.3.
  8. Looks like this film is now sold out! Well that's good for sales sake! Hopefully more people are filming with Ektachrome whether it be Regular 8 or Super 8. This stuff is so amazing when projected. Give it one stop more light and it looks perfect on screen! Good stuff!
  9. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Spectra Film & Video is now selling Ektachrome color reversal (7294) 100D in the regular 8mm format. This is another option for those looking for this film. It appears to be in stock also! Here's a screenshot from their website. https://www.spectrafilmandvideo.com/Film.html
  10. Thanks Nick for your input! I was beginning to think I was the only one who noticed the need for extra light with this stock LOL. 64-80ASA is a pretty good guess! Have you also noticed how nice this film looks on a cloudy day? The old stock just never looked good on a cloudy day, but not the case with 7294. However, one must apply that extra bit of light even on cloudy days.
  11. The Bolex K2 I use to use for regular 8mm filming, has a clever little lever you can push down to close the viewfinder. I tried this one time while filming and it worked perfectly. My Elmo Super 110 that I use often has a plastic cap to place on the viewfinder. It's simple but works like a charm!
  12. They are definitely underrated cameras! I'm not sure why they don't get mentioned more often. It may be because they were only around for about 5 years. That whole Elmo Super Series cameras were all built to the same high standards at the time. I am always surprised how quiet and smooth these 110's run. They never skip a beat!
  13. In all fairness there are some Super 8 cameras that were all metal construction. My Elmo Super 110 is an all metal camera and operates like new. It's also one of the quietest cameras I own. Yes regular 8 cameras are definitely constructed to last but there are some stand out Super 8 cams. The Elmo Super 110 I own also takes very steady images with hardly any sways from side to side. The Bolex 18-5L Super I use probably also helps with steadiness when projecting these movies. Also of all the cameras I own I've never had a cart jam in the Elmo.
  14. Does anyone happen to know how well Ektachrome 100D Super 8 film is selling these days? I'd assume this beautiful film is selling quite well?
  15. Hi Simon, thanks for chiming in! Last year I read a post, similar to mine, where someone mentioned the new stock seemed darker after processing. That same person used the the auto setting with no compensation. I really think the new Ektachrome is better exposed around 80 ASA. I don't know it just needs extra light for some reason. As I mentioned above it seems less sensitive to light. It certainly has a larger latitude than the previous version. And yes I realize the Bolex isn't as bright as say a projector with 150 watts but it's still pretty bright even at 75 watts. I use the Osram HLX bulb and seem to get about 10% more light. Also the prime lens seem to help. The first Ektachrome cartridge I shot when this came out in 2018 was darker. I used a projector with 150 watts to view it and the film was very dark in the shadows. Once I made the correction of opening the aperture 1 stop the film really shined through.
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