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FS: Canon FD Asphericals and Few Extras


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I have a few sets of Canon FD lenses and I’m selling some of my backup copies.

Canon FD 24mm SSC f1.4 Aspherical
Minolta AF 35mm f1.4
Yashica DX 45mm f1.4
Canon FD 55mm SSC f1.2 Aspherical

The 55 is in great condition. Performs very well. Usual dust inside for a lens that is 50 years old. I have three copies, hence selling. There is some thorium yellowing but not bad. 

The 35 is total mint. This is the later version. From flare tests I’ve done between this and the earlier, I see no difference in the coating. I love this lens. If nobody is interested I won’t be mad at keeping a backup around.

The 45 (commonly used in rehoused FD sets) has been custom modified. Because it was from a rangefinder it can only work on short flange lens mounts (unless/until you rehouse). I have been rebuilding them as a hobby and can sell it with E, L, M, RF or M4/3 mount. 80mm front with 77mm filter thread. Focuses to about 8” and goes past infinity.

Now for the 24. This is my second copy and I got it from a guy that had it cleaned for fungus. This one is not winning any beauty contests.There is etching on the rear element and some fogging (Zero Optic said it might clean out when rehousing). It’s the only lens in this set that is not optically perfect. The lens itself is a lil ugs, but the image still looks great. I think it is a little lower contrast, similar to an uncoated lens. The flares are also not quite the same because of the coating issue.

I’m based in Brooklyn and serious buyers can come inspect and try them out on a camera.

I’m open to offers and would prefer to sell them as a set. Please send me a note with your email and I can send detailed pics of the glass and some tests I just shot with them.


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Hey Alex,

I was just talking to someone about this today. I have the 1st gen version and the G version. I have tested them extensively for flare and maintain that there is very little difference if any. Not everyone agrees on this. Perhaps they changed the coating midway through the production run on the first version but I think it’s a myth.

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