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  1. Focus and iris are smooth. Lens isn’t perfect on the inside but has still given me some nice images. Pictures on the Ebay listing. If you’re interested make an offer. I’d much rather sell it off of Ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/165145724100
  2. I’m selling my trusty probe if anybody is interested. Will sell for less if not through Ebay. This is the cine version with gears in PL mount. The lens is flawless. Comes with original cables and case. There is a small ding on the case (pictured). Feel free to reach out with any questions. This lens has been well taken care of and only has been used on a few projects. Lens is in NY. Here’s the Ebay listing with pictures: https://www.ebay.com/itm/165135596807
  3. I know everybody and their Camera PA is looking for one. If anyone has a Canon FD 24mm f1.4 Aspherical or L they’re trying to get rid of, holler at me. I’m in NY.
  4. I’ve uploaded some pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w2ijrym7wsospvg/AADXCFzzlqB-FYgYeC8-xvBCa?dl=0 I also checked the hours and it is at 83 hours.
  5. I’m selling my Canon C300 mark III kit and some other stuff to invest in other equipment. The camera has been lightly used and includes EF and PL mounts. Full list below. Reach out for pics and if you have any questions. NY pickup strongly preferred but I will ship if I need to.Canon EOS C300 Mark III Digital Cinema Camera Body (EF Lens Mount)Delkin Devices USB 3.2 CFexpress Memory Card ReaderCanon PM-V1 PL Mount Kit3x. SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO CFexpress Card Type BSHAPE V-Lock Quick Release Baseplate for Canon C500 Mark IIAxler Quick Release VCT PlateCore SWX D-Tap to LEMO Power Cable for Canon C300 Mark II (24")Tilta Universal Vmount plateIncludes everything that came with the camera new (LCD, 1 batt and charger. Includes Vmount plate but not batteries.This was over 15K new from BHAround 16.5k after taxAsking price is $12,500Some other gear I’m selling below.Lenses:Zeiss 18mm zf2 f3.5 EF Duclos cine mod (750)Cameras:Cinema Products CP16R (1000)Bolex H16 non reflex (negotiable)Monitors:Atomos Ninja 5” monitor -overheats sometimes (200)Marshall 5” monitor (hdmi only) 125GimbalsRonin (1st generation) (200)Ronin S with extra batts, universal mount, follow focus and XBox controller (400)
  6. Looking for a 100mm deep field panchro in good condition to complete a set of Series 2/3 Cooke Speed Panchros. Considering a 152mm telepanchro as well. I’m located in NY.
  7. I shared this in another thread but thought it was relevant to this conversation. I was trying to figure out a good wide angle for a Beaulieu 4008 with widened gate. I just shot a test with some very expired PlusX on the Schneider 6-70mm with the Schneider Ultrawide III adapter. Once cropped to 16:9 there was still some vignetting until I pushed the image to about 103-104%. https://imgur.com/a/PzvplA1
  8. Thanks for the research! I just shot a test roll of some very expired PlusX (Schneider 6-70mm and Schneider Ultrawide III adapter on a Beaulieu 4008 with max8 gate). Once cropped to 16:9 it does vignette but I can work with it. Blowing up the frame to about 103-104% gets rid of the vignette and at that point, it's still much wider than anything else I've found. https://imgur.com/a/PzvplA1
  9. 6.33mm of the frame is used as opposed to 5.69mm in reg super 8mm (according to the Pro 8 website).
  10. I wonder how bad this will vignette on a max 8 gate? Pro8 sells their modified cameras with the Angeneiux 8-64 and notes the Schneider 6-66 and 6-70 vignette. Wondering if that’s just a little in the corners or to the point of seeing a black circle around the frame... Is this from the focal length or the physical lens circle/coverage size? And would the wide adapter make it worse? I don’t mind a little darkness in the corners for some stuff, but wouldn’t want to go with this combination if I’m gonna physically see a black circle. Maybe I should be looking at wide 16mm lenses that will cover the larger frame?
  11. Yeah, I was looking at the flange distance of different mounts on there before. Seems like M4/3 and L are the only mount versions of this lens that are more than 1mm greater. Maybe it’s a lost cause. I haven’t seen a mount for either of those to C.
  12. Thanks for the note, Philip. Do you know the minimum distance needed to achieve infinity? Maybe one of the other mount options of the lens gives enough distance if I could find an adapter...
  13. Hi All, I have a Beaulieu 4008 with the Max 8 mod by Pro8 and the Angenieux 8-64. I’d like something wider. Thinking I should probably get the Schneider 6-66 at some point, but I’ve also been looking at C mount super wides like the Century 3.5mm. I know this topic has been discussed plenty on here. I’m wondering what people think about adapting the Laowa 4mm fisheye to C mount? It was designed for small format mirrorless cameras so the lens mount options are not the most ideal (M4/3, EF-M, Fuji X, Sony E and L mount). With a quick search, the only C mount adapter I could find for any of those is a Fotodiox Fuji X to C. Any thoughts on this? Think the flange will be off? Also, since this covers M4/3 sensors, I’d assume that on Super 8mm with a Max8 gate, I’m gonna get the expected fisheye vignette in the corners, but would the lens cover the width of the gate? I would expect it would. If a 4mm is gonna be something like a 16mm fov equivalent in Super 35 terms, I like the sound of the focal length. Also, it’s a quite a bit cheaper solution than buying the Century 3.5... Ive also looked at some c mount security camera lenses. Anyone used any they liked?
  14. Hi Matt, Thanks for the note about the lens. We managed to get a test done before our shoot and that was our thought as well. Because we couldn't afford to rent lights for the test we were practically shooting wide open, and even at that stop, we were able to get very sharp focus from a subject a few feet away. We should be getting the telecine back of our music video tomorrow and I'm very very excited to see how it looks. I'd really like to pick up some more of the CP Ultra T primes, but definitely can't afford to get the whole set. Are there any others from this set that you'd recommend over others? Any that are amazing? Or any that are no good? More specifically, if I were just going to buy 1 more lens to accompany my 9mm, which would you suggest? I've had my eye on the 25mm for a while, but can't afford it quite yet. If it makes a difference, I'm doing music videos, and will probably work on some short, slightly experimental documentaries and short films. Best, Michael
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