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  1. Try DuAll Camera. They bought the Chambless stock when Jesse Chambless passed. He had an incredible selection of new old stock Switars. I bought a 10mm preset that was still wrapped in plastic from the manufacturer a few years ago. I know he had tons of stuff that wasn’t on the site.
  2. I have 3 I’m selling. These are amazing for us insane DP’s that shoot docs in 4k 4444 on Arri’s. Selling my Mini so won’t have use for them anymore. Open to offers.
  3. I’m selling my EZ zooms that are in great condition. Includes lenses, 2x PL mounts, 1x EF mount, shims. No FF backs. Open to offers. 15-40mm 30-90mm
  4. Alexa Mini (Arriraw, 4:3) (1348 operating hours) Viewfinder PL mount with LBUS EF mount Arri hardware (2x Map2’s, 2x Map1’s, 2x MSB1’s, top handle and evf bracket, BAP2) BP9 with 12” dovetail 2x evf cables AC power unit Power cable Wooden camera battery slide with Vmount plate A Box 3x 256gb cfast cards 1x 128gb cfast card CFast reader Omega flight case
  5. Each pair is the same lens, just separate frames. To my eye, this looks like the same coating.
  6. Hey Alex, I was just talking to someone about this today. I have the 1st gen version and the G version. I have tested them extensively for flare and maintain that there is very little difference if any. Not everyone agrees on this. Perhaps they changed the coating midway through the production run on the first version but I think it’s a myth.
  7. The 55mm and 35 are still available. 55mm 1.2 aspherical - 4000obo 35mm 1.4 Minolta - 2000obo
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