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  1. Hi Sean, Could you please send pictures of the glass front and rear of the 25mm? my email is xaviercunilleras@gmail.com Thanks
  2. Hi Cole, can you please share photos of the elements from the 35/50/75 ? xaviercunilleras@gmail.com thanks
  3. Hi Donata can you please share pics and also which tent model ? normal or jumbo? thanks
  4. hello Michael, Can you please share more pics and price of the Yashica 45 1.4 and the aspherical 55 1.2 thanks
  5. Hi Rob, you should check this offer over FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/302118453786116/permalink/671433970187894
  6. Many thanks to everyone. Yesterday I did some more test with 50D and 500T and will develope today to check if the problem in different camera speeds and magazines still persists. I think that yes, might be some very small leak or led in the camera that is fogging the image slightly. I did run the camera with the door open in a totally dark room and I didn't see any dim light like a glow mask or LCD movielite module, which I double check and is the MKII version one. What is really strange to descipher is that there is one take that the leak is more prominent with a very sharp round burn ( picture attached ) that just last for that specific scene and then return to the usual leak every 3 frames.
  7. Yes inded is a weird one, and since right now to send the camera to service in LA would be difficult I want to understand if it comes from any of the parts of the camera or the Lab. The camera is moviecam compact MKII Yes the light leak is on the negative but curuious enough is just on either side of the perforation but not affecting it. Very consitent thru all the magazines and always on the same spot with the same intensity and color. I am attaching 2 stills from the frames I previously uplaod. thanks
  8. Hi Tyler, hope you are well. Yes please find attached the link to google drive https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MfL-0SxjLs0pie1M_oRUsOG1eV-vTCiO/view?usp=sharing Thanks
  9. Hi Satsuki, I has happened all across the magazines, and the body I tested prioir to the shoot and it had no problems. I am waiting to recieve the negative to be able to evaluate it there; and yes as you mention iI think t should be magent on the negative. The stock was a fresh new one from Kodak 5219. the curious note is that it is always on the same side, same position with pulsating movement, so I am not sure what could be.. in any case I didn't knew it could be from a problem or defect in the scanner:I will call the lab tomorrow to ask about it. When I was a loader, I always kept a piece of film of about 5 cm that went already thru the magazine in case something happened in the negative I always had my safety card on that piece of film that could be develope afterwards and if it was different from the original negative I could probe is a lab problem, shame I didn't ask it to do it this time... Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, We just received the scanner from a 35mm project shoot with Moviecam compact 3 perf camera. The lab says the camera or the magazine might have a light leak. It is a small burn with greenish color on the left hand side of the frame thru all the footage with different magazines. Sometimes that has happened to me in either stills cameras or motion picture cameras it always results in a much larger fogging or a yellowish burned color. I am confused since the color is strange and also it happens all over the footage. Any ideas would be greatly appreciate it. could be the lab ? or could be from the black magic cintel scanner ? Many Thanks I have included a still from the scans as examples.
  11. Hi Angel, Interested Is this set still available? thanks
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