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  1. Hi Angel, Interested Is this set still available? thanks
  2. Cooke Technovision zoom 40-200 f4.5 with SHIGA rear 2x Anamorphic in PL mount in excellent condition. The image is very Sharp on the adapter. Has very minimal breathing with a close focus of 2,4”. Swapable PL Mount, lens can be used as Anamorphic lens 40-200 and as spherical 20-100 ( spherical PL mount not included ). Comes with 2 pair of long rods, lens bridge, Vp Lens Support Ring and flight case. $13.000 usd + shipping Lens test - https://vimeo.com/285408318 High-quality Shiga rear anamorphic adapter conditioned by Technovision Lenses. The image quality is excellent and this adapter works perfectly throughout the range. Lens based in LA after been serviced by optix1 in LA. Feel free to ask about service documents and more pictures.
  3. Hello Attila, Could you please share more pics and price? Thanks
  4. Hello, Currently looking for 75mm and or 100 mm series 1/2 f2.0 Cooke Speed Panchro for rehousing. lens block or full lens please share pictures and price at xaviercunilleras@gmail.com Thanks /// Xavier Cunilleras Cinematographer xavijose.com ///
  5. Hello Rick, I am interested to have more info of the Arricam LT 3 perf,. price and detailed package ? Regards email - xaviercunilleras@gmail.com
  6. Hello Gabriel, Could you share some pics of the hawks? xaviercunilleras@gmail.com Thanks
  7. Thanks Tyler!! I did checked at Visual Products but always looking for different options ;-)
  8. Hello Geoff, Is still available? Many thanks Xavier
  9. Hello! Is this package still for sale? I am looking for a Arricam LT 2 perf camera package. Many thanks
  10. Hello, Is this camera still up for sale? Many thanks
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