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For Sale: Arri SR2 SUPER-16 w/ Color Tap + Zeiss S16 Zoom Lens - FULL Camera Package

Austin Comer

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ARRI SR2 SUPER-16 w/ Color Tap + Zeiss S16 Zoom Lens - FULL Camera Package
Parting ways with my S16 Arri SR2. This camera has been incredible to own and I'm sure I'll regret selling it down the road but the time has come. 
The camera is in great working condition. I've never had a single problem with it. I'm selling it along with my Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 12-120mm S16 zoom lens. It's an incredible lens for 16mm. The 12-120 covers all your bases. It also has a macro function at 12mm that allows you to focus as close as you want. Along with that is everything else you need. You won't find a more complete package out there. See the list below. 
The camera, lens, mags, and batteries were all serviced in July of '19 by Du-All Camera in Brooklyn and have been lightly used since then. 
I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
CASE 01 (1550 Pelican Case )
- Arri SR2 Camera Body (Super 16 - PL Mount)
- Top Handle Color Video Tap by B Camera Canada
- Eyepiece w/ Blue Star Genuine Chamois Eye Cushion
- Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 12-120mm S16 Zoom Lens w/ Zoom Stick
- Arri SR2 Extension Eyepiece
- 1.78 & 1.33 Ground Glass
CASE 02 (1650 Pelican Case)
- (2x) Arri SR2 400' Magazines w/ Covers
- Arri SRI2 Onboard Battery Adapter
- (3x) Onboard Batteries
- (2x) Battery Chargers
- Right Hand Grip w/ Run/Stop Switch
- Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control 2
- S16 Chrosziel Matte Box (swing away - 4x5.65 filter holder - 4x5.65 rotating filter holder)
- French Flag for Matte Box
- Dovetail Base Plate
- Arri Sliding Camera Base Plate 
- (2x) 18” 15mm Rails 
- (2x) Tiffen 85 4x5.6 Filters w/ Cases
- Tiffen 85ND.3, 85ND.6, and 85ND.9 4x5.6 Filters w/ Cases
CASE 03 (1510 Pelican Case)
- Dinky Dolly Block Battery *Unsure if it's in working condition*
- Charger for Block Battery *Unsure if it's in working condition*
- A handful of cables and adapters for camera and video tap (Including: BNC to HDMI Convert Box, Hirose to BNC/Power Cable for Onboard, 2x Hirose to BNC/Power Cable for Block Battery, Power Cable for Block Battery, and more)
CASE 04 (Standard Case)
- Arri Follow Focus Kit *Rough Shape. Unsure if it's working condition*
- Camera Essentials Harrison Film Changing Tent
- Alan Gordon Camera Comfort Cushion (Shoulder Cushion)
$15k obo for the full package.
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