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  1. Hey there. Question pertaining to an Arri SR2 and the Cinematography Electronics Precision Speed Control 2. I’ve got the Precision Speed Control 2 hooked up to my SR2 and set to 24fps. When I run the camera, there’s a bit of a clanking sound and it sputters around 10fps for about 5secs, then ramps up to 40fps for about 5secs, then ramps back down to around 10fps. All in all, pretty out of control. As I’ve messed with it, it has hit 24fps for a sec, then starts running wild. I ran the camera without the Speed Control and it ran smooth. Two questions. 1. Any troubleshooting ideas? 2. (probably a dumb question) can you run the camera without the Speed Control and be fine if the project will have no sound sync? I’ve only ever shot with a Speed Control so if I resorted to shooting without it, it’d be a new experience. Thanks!
  2. Hey there. Got a question regarding an SR2 and low frame rates. I own an SR2 with a speed control. I know at 24fps it's 180 degrees or about 1/50th of a second. If I change the fps on the speed control, to say 12fps, does the camera stay fixed at 1/50th or is it locked on 180 degrees and result in 1/24th a second? Hopefully that makes sense. Thanks!
  3. Hello, My SR2 powers on right when I connect the battery. Is there suppose to be a on/off/standby power switch like in the photo below? Or is that just how some model are? Usually I won't attach the battery until right before I'm ready to roll, to just make sure it isn't left rolling unintentionally or draining the battery. Thanks
  4. Hey there. I'm looking to purchase a Bescor Battery belt for my Arri S2. There are so many different models, amps, and packages. I'd love any advice on which one to go with. I'd like to feel confident that it'd last at least a full day. I'll be powering the camera, a Speed Control, and video tap. Also since I'm unfamiliar with them, is there a way to change the batteries inside the belt if they die? or is it only by charging? Thanks for your time.
  5. I have a SR2 with a Color Video Tap that is a BNC connection. Is there any converters to go from BNC to HDMI in order to use newer monitors with older 16mm video taps? I'm curious what are some common moitors used with 16mm video taps?
  6. Does anyone know where I could find a dummy roll of 400ft 16mm to pratice loading? Thanks.
  7. Where are you based if I wanted to come to take a look at it?
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