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Figured out a low-tech, searchable auto-alphabetized database for my film Archive

Daniel D. Teoli Jr.

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I was going to try the database software at Open Office freeware. But it said I needed Java. Not knowing much about computers or even having faith in my ability to use Open Office, other than as a word processor, I gave up with the Java quest.

Today it hit me, I can just make a master folder for my film Archive. I can make text files within the master folder. Each film gets a text file made for it. I can make a text template to paste in each text folder to standardize the info. Now I have an easy-to-use database that is alphabetized and searchable. And If I want to get fancy, I can make the folders suitable for JPEGs and put a few screen shots of each film in each folder.

That was what a film collector did with his collection. He would take photos off the screen as he projected the films and put a handful of photos in each film entry. (Although he used fancy database software of some sort for the rest of the work.) It is very easy to get screen shots when you scan a film. You just hit export on the scanner software and boom...you get 5,000 or 10,000 or 30,000 JPEG or TIFF stills. (Of course, if you want them from a scanning company, you pay a few hundred $$ extra for that service.) I can also use my system for the VHS Archive as well. Nearly a thousand VHS, VHS-C and Betamax tapes to organize.

Will I do it and get it all computerized in 1990's tech?? (Or is it 1980s?)

Don't know.

Right now, my goal is to put all the films in the Archive in alphabetical order, label the cans and then write them down in a hand-written log. After than...who knows? But at least I'm excited I have the option if I want it. Even though I write a lot here, I'm not much for typing into the 'puter when it comes to filling out forms. But it is nice being able to search films for content; especially with the home movies that cover a multitude of content areas. 



16mm GB (Gaumont-British) Reel

Selection from Daniel D. Teoli Jr. Small Gauge Film Reel & Can Archive

Contributed to the DDTJRAC and photographed by: The Old Film Company

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Film organization is coming along great. So good in fact, I took half the day off to do a bit depth test that Perry had sponsored years ago.

When I say Perry had sponsored it, I mean it stems from Perry's poo-pooing my 8bit BW photography from years ago.

I never had the time to do a proper bit test. But on another forum, 2 members told me my tests are worthless. (In another test area.) Then a different forum someone said my sun fading test are useless garbage. So, the combo of the 2 recent 'worthless' critics + the 'useless garbage' critic + Perry's dismissal of 8bit BW photography finally gave me enough oomph to get my ass in gear.

I will be posting the exhaustive bit depth results shortly once the 14 collections are uploaded to the I.A.. 

Getting back to the cine' film organization...

I'm about 90% done with the A,B,C's. Once everything is shelved in ABC order, I will label them, then I can start with the computer list. I hope to be done by early April.

It is so important to get those tags down with a collection to find stuff. I used to use a paper notebook and you can't do much searching with that. And, as a bonus,  a lot of the tags are already done in the title and description. Not like I need to do a lot of extra 'tag' work. 

The holy trinity of archival work is...

1 High quality scans / photos...don't produce shitty work!

2 Tags...lots of them.

3 Description...a good one.

Now...if you use lots of tags repeatedly, make a text file of them for repeat business.



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