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WTB: Canon Scoopic M Wide Angle Converter

M Joel W

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Hi, I'm looking for the Canon-brand Wide Angle Converter for the Scoopic M. Canon-branded only please.

Primary reason is to use it on the Scoopic M.

Secondary reason is I want to try putting it on a 24mm FD L and see if it turns into an 18mm t1.5 K35. 😉 

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On 12/4/2022 at 12:37 AM, Jaehyun Kim said:

It's a good try.


Let me know if you succeed

I got my hands on a similar adapter. It appears to be the same but for 80mm fronts instead of 75mm fronts. 

It works and is quite sharp – but there is a fair amount of barrel distortion. It covers full frame.

I suspect the original K35 18mm t1.5 had a special aspheron to reduce barrel distortion. I don't know if there is any replacement for that. 

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