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Canon EVF-V70

Ron Wilk

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For those of you who have experience with the EVF-V70.

I have recently installed a new EVF-V70 on my C300 Mk III, and have noticed that the "SHARPEN" option is greyed out in the camera's setting menu—in camera mode—for the EVF.  If I switch to "MEDIA" mode the sharpen option becomes operable. Is this normal behavior, or is there a camera setting that is interfering with this function?

Thank you in advance,



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While awaiting a response to my query I performed a camera reset, and that appears to have resolved the 'sharpness' setting issue, which is now available in both Media and Camera modes.

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I had previously written that the problem regarding the EVF-V70 and the "sharpness setting" had been resolved with a camera reset.  But I have just realized that the real issue was the PEAKING TO VIDEO TERMINAL 'ON'. That is the incompatibility.  With the peaking to video terminal OFF the sharpness setting on the V70 works, turn it on and it grays out.  The reason that the camera reset appeared to have resolved the issue is because Peaking to Video Terminal is turned off by default, and the EVF-V70 connects to the video terminal.  I'm not sure I understand why you can't have peaking and sharpness at the same time, but that appears to be the incompatible setting.

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