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  1. The latest firmware update thankfully addresses the internal microphone issue ... it can now be turned off for external recording.
  2. I now have a Canon DM-E1D stereo microphone that I had hoped would defeat the R5c's internal microphone, but it does not ... the internal microphone remains active, and most of the first 2 pages of the audio menu remain grayed out. If the persistence of the internal mic is not a design oversight, I have no idea what the design team had been thinking, because this is anything but professional.
  3. I have been struggling with the audio input for the newly released R5c. Following multiple telephone conversations and back and forth emails with Canon support, it has become apparent that there is no reasonable means of defeating the camera's internal microphone. The only way that it can be accomplished is to attach the Tascam XLR adapter and microphone, while at the same time connecting a consumer mic to the camera via its 3.5mm jack—an entirely unacceptable approach. It was suggested that owner/users reply to Canon's 'Feedback' page on the Canon web site and lodge their complaints there. it would appear that this is something that could be fixed in firmware, rather than requiring a hardware modification, and those of us who are plagued by this issue should become rather vocal via the feedback page or via calls to Cine Tech Support.
  4. FYI, I have been shooting with the R5c—for test purposes—in 8k, and importing the clips into Resolve Studio 17 where Pro Res HQ 422 proxies are made. The proxies play smoothly, and there is little if any visible degradation on an Eizo 31" 4k monitor, as compared to the original media. While the transcoding takes a little time, it is worth the wait and seems to represent a reasonable approach to editing 8k clips, at least for my current editing platform.
  5. I thought that you'd been referring to XF-AVC, and the R5c does not offer 8k in XF-AVC. Sorry for the confusion.
  6. Hello Tyler, Perhaps my explanation had not been clear, but there is no option for AVC... 8k on the R5c, the only options are for MP4 or RAW. But the best workaround appears to be to use proxies, at least for Resolve Studio 17. As I've mentioned, it is not a big issue at the moment, since I plan on shooting in 4k, but for the occasional instance where I decide to, or am required to shoot 8k and subsequently edit same, I will be using proxies. Regards, Ron
  7. The files in question were MP4 8k, not Canon RAW. And I understand that the timeline would have to be rendered each time edits are made. Proxies may be an option. But despite the impressive files, I plan to stick with 4k, in order to interface with the output from my C300 Mk III. But I was disappointed to find that my uber costly, maxed out Mac Pro Tower could not handle the 8k files, and I have no intention of working from an M1 laptop, which, BTW, I do own. But I appreciate your response. Regards, Ron
  8. Followup to the above post: Rendering the timeline has resolved the issue.
  9. I have just begun to fiddle with the 8k output from the R5c, and have encountered some issues with playback on my 2019 fairly maxed out Mac Pro Tower. There is quite a delay before the clips begin to play in Resolve 17 Studio, and there is some stuttering, as if some processing is going on in the background. I have the clips loaded to an SSD RAID box connected via Thunderbolt, but the same issue occurs if the clips are loaded to the desktop, and the main drive is SSD as well. 4k, on the other hand, plays back a smooth as butter, and since I mainly shoot 4k, it is not a big issue at the present time. But I am wondering if I have overlooked the proper Resolve settings? Anyone else encountering similar problems?
  10. Hello, and thank you for the followup. It is interesting that they suspect the cables, and not the camera itself. And I guess the fact that it can output the desired frame rate over SDI offers additional support. A cable change seems easy enough to accomplish, and I would be interested to hear about the result. Regards, Ron
  11. Sorry about that, it was a wild shot at best. As mentioned, I don't usually shoot with an external recorder/monitor, as I find the LCD screens to be compromised in bright sunlight, which is where most of my shooting is performed. Instead, I prefer an EVF, like the EVF-V70 which I use. That said, I have found Canon Cine Pro support to be very helpful in the past, you might want to give them a call. 1 (855) 246-3367 Addendum: I believe you'd said that you'd managed to get it working over SDI? That might suggest that there is an incompatibility issue with the Small HD, as opposed to the MK III, since it is outputting properly over SDI? Regards, Ron
  12. Hi Ruthie, What is camera's system frequency set to? I've noticed that my C300 Mk III defaults to 59.94 fps, unless I change it, and it may be outputting system frequency over HDMI. The only outboard monitor/recorder that I have on hand is a Black Magic Video Assist 7" HDR 12G, and I'm not certain that it will work properly with the Mk III, but I can give it a try.
  13. After much internal debate, I'd decided against the Sigma and purchased the Canon RF 24-70mm F/2.8 IS. So far, my testing has shown that the lens is sharp across the focal plane at all apertures, while sharpness increases towards F/4-5.6. AF is quick and accurate in video mode, and the control wheel is a welcome feature that I have set to ISO.
  14. As you have probably noticed from my posts, I have my C300 MK III's channel #1 gain—I only record mono with one shotgun— set at position '5', with a Rode NTG-3 attached, and have found it to be quiet. But if others, such as yourself and Ian have noticed noise, I'm beginning to wonder if my high frequency hearing acuity is amiss. I do not hear hiss either with headphones or when editing in Resolve. That said, I imagine that if I aggressively ride the gain beyond the midpoint I could probably induce some noise.
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